Planning Your Banff Vacation

Want to experience Banff with a local expert so you can save time and money?

Hire Mr. Chernish to be your VIP Tour Guide where you will get the best knowledge about local sights and attractions so you can beat the lines and make the most of your time in winter or summer!

Tours are negotiated prior to meetup, and include an overview of the Banff Townsite, lunch, and a custom build of activities in the area.

Guided tours can be arranged on a case by case basis subject to availability, including:

*accompaniment on hikes and tours
*shuttle services
*tour booking
*on-hill ride alongs
*family filming
*and much more

When should I contact Mr. Chernish?

As soon as you start planning your trip, you should contact Mr. Chernish to get advice on popular tours, wait times, road conditions, and snow conditions.

Start out with an email to with your tour dates to check availability and bring your trip to a new high!

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