Bat Flower and Ik kil cenote, yucatan

Took a suck on this bat flower and went for a dip in the famous cenote where there were tons of people from all over the world including Russia, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, China, and the USA.

The cenote is 140 feet deep and has a 50 foot cavern opening that looks up to the sky.

The views are from above and below.

And here is the snapdragon flower?



The cross is actually from 1628 when spanish conquistadors visited the temple, but the mayan ruins are from the early civilization periods.

El cedral is a place where you van enjoy a great party, as well as a church, shops, and a nice break from the cruise ship zones of Cozumel.


Cats of Cali, Colombia

There are many famous artists in Colombia, and some of them have their works presented along the parkway in ciudad Cali, a metro centre in the country of Colombia.

Here are a few photos of the cats (gatos) and my Bonita tour guide.


Robert chernish

I will be heading into the less populated areas of Colombia soon to look for some fishing spots and one thing for Canadians, make sure to have some cash (100 usd) upon arrival as Canadians have to pay a special tariff at the airport.


Mancora, Peru Trip

So the last 5 days have been spend unwinding from the hustle and bustle of airports and stressful travel layovers, and after a solid week of immersing myself in the Peruvian culture, it is clear that I won’t be able to experience nearly as much of this beautiful country as I had hoped.

After randomly searching the internet for some of the best surfing beaches and playing spin the bottle, I let Fate decide and so I happened upon Mancora, Peru.

Before coming here though, I wanted to visit my old Mazatlan, Mexico beach, and rented an apartment there for 400 dollars, but after being overwhelmed by the heat, and being miles away from the beach, I decided to move to mancora and see it.

In Mexico, I found some of my old friends and also had some strange experiences including kissing a guy. Lol. Needless to say it was a long haired guy who I thought was a girl and got sickened from that.

Then I went and found a girl and gave her a kiss the next day. But the romance there doesn’t hold a candle to the wind compared to the love and beauty found here in Mancora.

The girls are so amazing and pretty much all supermodels from all over the world and most of them sunbathe topless, revealing even more of their angelic features.

While I kissed two girls here (on the cheek) I still think I have a chance a finding a girlfriend, but only if I reschedule my flight.

So far, one of the reasons for the romance is because the name of the beach is called Playa del Amor. This means beach of love in Spanish.

Mancora has an interesting mode of travel which is basically a motorized rickshaw / old Honda trike which everyone uses to get around.

So here are some pictures of the beach and some of the cantinas and my apartment view.

My favourite thing about Mancora is the sound of the waves breaking.


Spring Road Trips, Prospecting, Bear Hunting

Good times so far this Spring having the time of my life enjoying nature and getting back to the land, even if I am not raking in the cash, I am actually having a good time and learning lots about the weather and land.

20160429_170348 (1)

Here are some snaps from my recent roadtrip where I worked my way across Alberta camping, hunting, prospecting, and seeing some amazing sights.

20160429_155946 (2)

I saw elk, sheep, skunk, fish, beautiful rivers, mountains, and much more!




Unbelievable – Caterpillar sheds its fur.

For the past week I have been observing the furry caterpillar, of which some of you may have seen last week, and during the last two days it was sitting on my pickaxe and today I see it has left behind a small "pelt" of caterpillar hair!


You can see the caterpillar in its new skin climbing on the shady part of the tarp. I can say with some surety that this is the same caterpillar, unless someone know more of this. Is it common?

Will it transform into a butterfly?



My first corn plant appears!

What a joy! Hoping to get some big ears of corn this year. Planted them mostly rather than sunflowers this year cuz they are kind of like sunflowers, but different. Stay tuned for my "corn heart" feature, which may produce some nice husks hopefully.

Other things include lettuce and some potatoes in some new locations which should be interesting to see.

Notice the strong start of this little sprout! I may monitor its growth and see if it is a good producer.


Best rabbit count yet

After putting miles and miles in the deep snow, and finding a couple spent carcasses, it was my turn to harvest….and it was bountiful! Totalling 7 Snowshoe Hares, it topped my previous best by 4. This was also after letting a few go in the morning cuz I wasnt planning on hunting, but if I am starting my new job soon then it would be good to harvest while the hunting is solid….and I spent the whole day plugging away. The Hares are still white and just starting to turn brown, but do to the deep snow they seem to be less wary than usual cuz they can just run down a hole.

Hares are a bitter tasting lot, but I have learned to curb this displeasant taste by boiling them for a solid 25 mins in water, olive oil, garlic, and green chilies. The chilies neutralizes the bitter taste and the other ingredients seem to tenderize it. After the boil, serve, or bbq, fry, or do whatever to get that extra zest. I find the front and back legs and haunches to be yummy and the tenderloins along the lower spinal column make a good addition to rice or ur favorite pasta.

Follow Me On Youtube – Check out all my videos

Hey Guys,

I am just ordering a camera and going to start doing daily videos across my channels on a wide variety of topics, and sharing posts here of my vlogs.

While I still enjoy writing, I think it will be good to get some video time and grow my vlogging network.
Here is my youtube chennel


In the meantime, I went on a Spring Prospecting Run to Vancouver Island and took my Chevrolet Truck, and did lots of biking and gold panning. I was a little nervous about the truck because the logging roads on the coast are fairly rough, and as a result, I didn’t make it to any of the panning spots from my Gold Book. Next time, I think I will fly and rent a car and spend a week camping.

It cost me 520 in gas (there and back), and 150 in Ferry costs, so it is almost cheaper to fly there. Oh well, for now I am practicing being patient and going to focus on doing some videos for youtube and have some fun with my video camera once I get it. I think I will order it later today, or early next week.

Scouting Report (May 6 – 11)

May 06: Went to pine clearing and dug holes and found the water table as well as got an idea of how the white sand settled on top of the red sand from the north west and was pushed southeast as part of a larger glacial movement.

This movement may have carried some of the artifacts or sediments, or the people may have lived in the area for hundreds of years, or they may have lived to the northeast arctic and the items we see have been deposited by a newer, perhaps different civilization than the first.

The theories surrounding the movement eurasians 23000 years ago, and more recently up to 12000 years ago suggest that Alberta may have been a natural fallout for tribes crossing the bridge.

While still far enough south from the high arctic, and offering a means of travel along water routes, some of the sculptures and jewel crafting suggest a highly organized and idyllic social structure, particularly among the use of stone work.

Over 80% of the stones and gravels encountered at 50% of the test sites had shown evidence of workmanship, and some pieces suggested that the work was done by top masters of the stone working trade.

From large to small, stones of all colors and characteristics had fallen to the blade, pick, chisel, or axe of these rock carvers.

Using imprint technology to manufacture clays and cements, as well as dynamic casting systems like that of wax casting, these workers invented a system of imprinting using ice, water, and clay layering.

All of the rocks follow a systematic cutting pattern where the workers would punch tiny holes into the rock to create fracture lines so the tiiny eagle heads could be used as a form of currency for trade.

The high quality workmanship and design consistency suggests that over 1000 workers may have been working around the clock to create these eagle head relic totems.

Within the areas surveyed (q1, q2, and a3) the line of orange sand run central north-south, with easterly fallouts, and the far east being soil and clay, and far west also having soil and clay topsoils.

The range of exposure of orange on the north-south lies in variable depths and consistencies, with higher concentrations of gravels being in the central and north east region, and less gravelled zone being on the south east shoulder.

Prior surveys conducted in the 80s, and earlier when the secondary road was constructed, chose the line of best fit along the bench of gravel that was laid out during the previous glacial movement. As a result, much of the artifact and development areas that had been potentially rich in deposits have already been worked.

To test my theory of glacial movement from the central q1, q2, q3, I went 2 miles to the west where the river run adjacent to see if any of the gravels matched the upper deck.

The q1, Q2, q3 materials are stained red and are salty. This leads me to believe that there may have been a legendary battle (bloodstained rocks) at a work camp where slaves would have worked naked and left generations of sweat on top of the rocks and gravels.

While mineral testing has not been scientifically conducted, some of the reasons for the salt may be due to a salt deposit in the area, or the glacial ice being that of a salty nature.

The river’s rocks were cleaner and whiter because they did not contain the red sands staining that is so prevalent in the area.

The river also showed 12 specs of gold from 25 shovel pans across a 6 mile section. Drinkable water was found at two creeks.

The upper deck does not contain any notable creeks, and would likely be the high point, or breaking point, where the light materials would have fallen out if the water level was 650 feet higher.

If the people who landed in this area were there because they were surrounded by water, as there are many islands already in the area, then this would have suggested that the people could have been as old as 12,000 years.

I will send my specific findings and total classification of the stones once I count them and categorize them properly tomorrow.

I will probably use 100 of the 300 rocks I have collected to present the styles of rock cutting and I still have to get some cleaner and polisher so I wontt be doing the photos until I get them cleaned and polished!

For now, check out the gravel sample.

You can see how salty the larger rocks are in the photo, with a white casing, much like that of something that has been salted…

Lessons Learned from Costa Rica

It is just as expensive in rent to live here as it is to rent a place in Canada.

It is all about deciding what you want to see and where you want to be.

In many ways, I abused myself on this trip, but I also found a way to overcome my hardships and learn from them.

Some of my biggest highlights were to lay in the warm river and drink beers with Janis, and also to take a boat from Sierpe to Drake Bay.

A truly remote place that reeks of beauty and enchantment, I will be back again to visit this place when I am not loaded down with my computers.

Needless to say, it has been very tough to travel “freely” with two computers and a bunch of books stuffed in your backpack, but I did the best I could to manage everything.

There were a few hiccups, including my lost phone, which came as a result of drinking too much water.

So ya, I will miss costa rica.

Some other highlights were the WSL Surf Contest in Jaco, where I got to try to recover from nights of debauchery including ditch climbing, and flood walking, where I cut my foot in the street, as well as a fever I picked up from kissing a girl.

In palmar norte, I was served tongue on the plate of the day, which they said was beef tongue but pretty sure it was goat or human. LMAO!!! Needless to say, I avoided eating the tongue.

Did a bunch of ditch work at hotel mahogine, and met some cool people there while in Drake Bay.

Other highlights include Jaco, seeing it for the first time, and experiencing a surf contest, picking some “tea tree flower muchrooms” and seeing some new frog species, macaws, and toucans.

Again, I will explore costa rica when I have a bigger budget, as it has been a very tough year.

Looking forward to my next Mexico destination, then Vegas, then home.

Should be interesting to see how it all piles up. 🙂


Rivas Rio, canaan, costa rica

A nice day listening to the water flow and some pics of my pen art.

It’s been very expensive and wonder how I will make it to the end of the year with my paintings not selling and no tours at the moment.

Perhaps one of my website projects will finally bear fruit.

Poison dart frog and new frog species

Found 2 poison dart frogs today and a new species on my mountain jungle hike in costa rica

The small brown cap nosed frog was 1 cm by 1 cm and living in a decayed porous mushroom.

It was dark and is approx. 1 I ch above the money piece in the photo.

Also fou d a nice birthing pool with tadpoles.

Adios Mexico Mi Amor

This has been a great trip to the west side of Mexico. My first time in the Peurto Vallarta and it was a rough entry into the area during the first week, but managed to plane things out on a straight line and get some peace and quiet.

Saw some amazing people and kept a nice lifestyle of Sure, bike, nature, and work!

What an amazing trip and I look forward to seeing an amazing lovely Mexico.

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