The Week that Was

This week I felt like a fish out of water. After spending 8 hours in the Airport, I finally got a car and went and saw my client and then back to the airport the next day then did a job on wednesday then valentines day thursday in the mountains and housekeeping today.

things i did:

went to the hot springs

climbed a mountain

went looking for golf balls at fairmont banff springs course and found a pinnacle practice ball

bought a copper ingot at a rocks and gem store

found a different rock in the river bed

ran into dk at the bsh and caughtup

met a random girl at the hostel and had dinner

met some tweakers in a gazebo from london

changed oil in the jeep

updated my hotel of record

paid rent

copied my credit report for the bank so they can update my file

bought some sockets for 16 bucks


packed all my shitup to go to the cabin and bailed at the last minute

got paid

To Do:

decide to keep renting or move or wing it as a homeless nomad

get quotes for auto since 2 weeks until my current policy expires

make a revised budget

get mail

change the U-Joint in my front axle

find a girlfriend

have some freakin fun!

Things I saw:

A Mule Deer Buck and Doe in the Mountains (1st Time)

A Coyote in the Mountains (1st time)

A Huge Light Coming from Behind the Mountain Pointed at the Stars

Near Misses:
Almost got T-Boned on Wednesday coming from the Bank to the Car Wash so I punched it and jumped the curb landing 5 feet airborne into the ditch before hitting a culvert and then narrowly squeezing out and into the car wash, whereupon, inspection proved no damage.

That is when I really knew that God was watching over me.

Also, I put 10,000 Kms on the jeep on this last run before changing the oil and it was really starting to irk me since I was putting all these KMs on and just neglecting it and then jumping it over the curb into the ditch into a culvert was really icing on the cake.

Cant wait to make some more cash and get some tires and that axle rod fixed and also saving for a digital camera….

In other News, The Nikes proved themself worthy and the mountain obeyed nicely when I stomped it down. I also scaled a cliff and ran about 20km in the hills across the village and around the block without putting any damage to them.

The weekend is wideopen and just trying to collect my thoughts and gonna take some down time to reflect on the extreme pace of things this week since I estimate travelling over 2000 Miles this week.

Hoping things roll smooth over the wknd and everything transitions nicely into Monday and the rest of the week whatever it is that may be happening.

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