the retreat reop

after some op fails on the quality side i tightroped a sketchy retreat into the wilderness where i have now parked my booty. this has just as many risks as anything else goin on in the world but in orde to commit to this lifstyle i have to wacritice some things. that may sound nuts, but due to my financial posiion i ak goin to be forced to wait for longtime commisions, live off the land until my teaching gig kixks in, or run in house ops off my new smart phone whixh i am sing right now to test its capabilities with web usr interface power and finding a steady means to chsrge the things since there is no power water or servixces here. i bought soem water pills to purify my water a d am meltng s ow to rink ane got soem letttuce a s sprout seeds to stsrt in house grow ops to prevent sta avrstion. my jeep is gonna have to be psrked unless i can work a de on insurance and hst .ea s waiting until my stocks climb or another option is garnered thru my hustle to bustle to grt that cash once i know how this phone works and if running remote ops is even N option.

more to come later

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