2013 so far so good so what?

What are we to make of this world we are in with all its splendid beauty and misfortune? What grand design lends its eloquence to the heartbeat of imperfection? Gaiea, have our machines disrupted your natural cadence? What truths lie in desk drawers never to be revealed? Wither and thither if my home be not plundered, woe to me be success? What hankerin yonder ponderings sweep along in the wind, the waves, and our minds? Does what you see what you get prevail or can this reality carry more than meets the eye?

The reops have been moving along and i have coordinates on some leads that continue to keep me busy on the housekeeping side of things. Recently got most of my accounts updated and my new insurance stuff so thats good…..lots of fresh snow and projects here at the cabin. Got some spCe cleared for .my gRden and some solar functioning as well as a cold storage hole was excavated to plan for the summer heat….gave some feedback on a new bill and have been xploring my sexual side and psychologixcal and physiological hedonistic urges through the use of internet prono and cigarettes…..to what extent do my morals values and ethics enter into my decisiinmaking and a quest for hedonism? How does lifestyle and environmental conditions inform or guide social behaviour? Many of these old adages are placed in new light when viewed in non constrained settingz.

Also looking for so.me more steddy work and lotsa good stuff on the go.

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