Hurdle hopping

After a solid session of hurdling im feelin pretty good. Still gonna take a couple weeks in the deep freeze until things warm up a nimrod more……kinda like a bear hibernating.

More philosophical questions remain as i look at the newspaper still rolling cigarettes sitting by this fireplace doing math to see if things add up. ♥

Spring is on the 20th and Eastrr Monday is on April fools april 1 so i better come up with a good story to tell the family how ive been out slaying dragons. ♡

Eastr is actually 8 days earlirr this yeear. Lsst year it wss on the 9th so that is interesting that 8 days difference happened on the leap year.

Stoked for the argentine pop who ended the conclave. Maybe those awesome mother marys in rio de janiero will get some more attention!

My water filtratiin tank seems to be holding its own and due course should various directions for development and financial planning. Mind the monthlys and work the short term on simplicity while msnsging leads. Spreading too thin on novel ideas may be better pursued down the road. Staying put and reassing the sithuation maay make a jedi out of you yet.

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