The written quest

Writing has always been elitist for many reasons…..scholars were often noble or assigned to document noble causes, and so developed a practice of communicating thoughts and ideas via an alternate mode. Today, after everything ive learned and discerned from academic literature for over a decade, i am still baffled by the question of why did i start writing?

Toasrmasters, masterminds, and chiefs will telll you it is a great way to reflect. I have answered my question as follows. When i started writing in 99 i was surrounded by literary students my age who thought writing was cool. Like dead poets society, but not freaky. It was a way to express yourself and i introduce yourselves to others as well as witness new styles. This helped me undrrstand the concept of the audience. The audience is the most important piece to compose your writing perspective. Perspective changing in personal writing and business communication is a highly valued skill in technical writers because of lets say describing how to change your oil or boost your batrery, different points are altogether mentioned thus leaving the audience with a particular story or message…whether their is an intended goal to the writing is the second most important piece in composition. If you are freewriting then this is a special type of eriting that only peofessionals can use because it often involves wroting through the subconcious and who knows what the message would be or of their were any intended outcomes. Outcome minded writing creates a clear picture of what you want to convey, if, and only if, the actual outcomes match the forecasted or intended outcomes.

In other news, the higgs boson was confirmed and the whole idea of particle physics is accelerating at a gyroscopic rate!

Checked out some school and might go for a trade and learn about wind power or check out the trpics on a budget.

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