Crish crash splish splash, Only Tuesday?

What a bore. Here I am with all the gusto in my bellows like it was a Friday! Do you know why? Because tomorrow is Spring! Oh Spring, where you go and when you come back I never know, but soon K?

My seedlings are in a tub and a recent sprout took a charging lead against the other seeds and sprouted after only 5 days….even in the harsh poorly lit conditions of the cabin. How soon you will be healthy in the sun loving the richness or warm dirt and a thawing wet mound leaking her water into your roots like a warn placenta bringing you new life. So far zuchinni seeds are my primary goal as they produce a large hearty vegetable edible in a variety of dishes…..this should accelerate my harvest and increase personal food production until my lettuce and dill catchup.

On a side note we are dealing with some major snow and could expect flooding if the heat wave rolls in and kickstarts this new season….It will be in swell fashion if it hits the double digits to let us know She means business and set the stage for a good hearty ho down of lush and plush.

Leads are good with mail, colleges, and research opps going ahead full blast. However, as fast as they chomp at the bit, an equal resistance or force redirects, to maintain the equilibrium. This poses a few questions in the game about the legitimacy of action and decisionmaking and specific characteritics of the controlled and non-controlled variables.

Recent exsmpkes from my research suggest that changing course mid mission has unexpected advantages and disadvantages. This makes for an interesting study when you consider the point of entry and the current state of affairs. To find a causal event or action to define a state of affairs is a shot in the dark, AND if you expect to get any results whatsoever then focus on what you spend most of your time on and this will be your answer to what you find important in your life. Living under the pissibikiitues and ambiguities of making long shots happen is not ubreasonable, but this requires something far better than picking sonething at face value, as proveb why ive nevrr been married to any of the amazing women that have blessed my life. Is it a flaw know what you want out of kife may change? Is it against the law to view the world in a different light? All these are possibikities, however, for success you must realize Your personal barriers to faith and internal change. This makes creating the New You all the more fun cuz you can stick to your guns and lead by example.

Making a change to yiurself, family, community can happen overnight, but takes time for critics to accept and for its impact to propogate. Take the example of washington state Nd colorado amendment 502 on mj. This is a landmark event that has been denied for over 50 years… my books it is just as important as freeing the blacks from slavery and the oppression of women voting rights in the 1900s. Whats the nxt big thing?????? Hopefully a nice warm .Spring!!!!!

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