Grabbn the bull by the horns

Out here on the farm it is almost calving season and i have three sprouts coming up in my flower planter, but that doesnt stop the envy for warmer climes. The wknd was a ball of sunshine and full moon fast approaching so it has been well lit to say the least. My leads are coming together Ok, but had to cash some stock to cover month-end payments and should be good until mid-april if everything holds fair.

Times arent the toughest; but they are tough. This has caused a priority shift in some of the ways that talents and priorities have shifted. Yesterday I popped a big hare with the .22 and made a pleasant minestrone soup with it. It didnt have the bitter poplar taste like the one I got last year and actually tasted like chicken. The tea has been on the evening boil nightly for the last 3 weeks and some choice picks are the tetley vanilla rooiboos and the green ginger lemon honey also from tetley. Tending to the wild rose bushes is an early affair for the sweet pink petals and hips make tasty infusions, along with some dandelion root blend and goose berries.

My primitive lifestyle leaves me begging the question of nature and nurture and how 10 years of post secondary education landed me here? In retrospect, as I trace back years of decsion making, some poor, some great, I am left pondering the haunts of my early years and wonder if I am not somehow recreating the wonders of my youth by throwing away all my care and responsiibility. Does our wisdom define our age? Do our peers? Our responsibilities and duties?

What sort of beast did we create? And, is it some sort of beautiful disaster that will have a golden ending? I say yes. Going back to our discussion of pain and pleasure, terror and ecstacy, and many of the other dichotomies of the senses, it must be the responsibility of the rational to define the irrational. To better understand this concept, a history of change and development must be established, with special attention to economic decision makibg including aspects of urbanization for commercialization opportunities. Being out here in the bush creates a different reality than my city life because I am not waitibg in lines, following traffic, or bombarded by ads. Does this make me more free??? In some ways, however, I also have to sacrifice the perks of power, running water, and things such as a fridge and heat. Thus, a priority shift is evident, and as such, a value shift necessarily, conscious or unconcious, also occurs. Justifying this to the self is much easier than justifying to others who do not share in this egalitarian lifestyle. A juncture is created between the self, in harmony with nature, and society because one’s priorities are not in sync. These are the challenges I am facef with, along with the ongoing concerns surrounding money and finding a job in the midst of a global economic crisis.

Where is the balance you may ask? This must be decided by you, but rhe greatest skill I have learned is to keep a very tight budget for things that are necessity rather than my earlier showman days of fast cars and exxpensive thrills. Does this mean you will have less fun though? Yes and No because, again, as the scenery changes so does your internal pressures and energy. Much of the fun and cash spending is a release for stress that you acquired to make your cash. Much of the entertainment fund is used as an escape from the city, the job, and the reality that can become such a chore. This is accentuated, consciously or unconciously, by contemporary media, to create feelings of remorse and helplessness where the cure is to spend on escapist ventures. This is what I call living fast.

When you step out of this work to play environment and situate yourself in a survival environment, the concept of work and play changes. Pride is placed in the work because it is for the self rather than the system as Nietsche suggests in his book The Perennial Philosophy. The concept of fun changes because you are not subjected to the high strung helplessness of city life, however, patience is realized more acutely as one realizes how much at whim to natures elements this lifestyle truly poses. Waking up 4 times a night to stoke the fire to "keep the heat on" and boiling water to purify drinking water and growing food are things that many people take for granted, however, with the right attitude and mindset, along with a creative spirit, one can reinvent how to live and what it means to be alive in our world.

As a pioneer, I have always sought new ways, ventures, on the quest for something bigger and better much like my fellows, but the further I go the more I realize about the intracacies of interconnectedness, intertextuality, and traditional modes of existence. We have changed. The world has changed, and it must keep changing. As a pioneer there are no new regional territories, but the ideological territories are vast. I encourage you to change with the world, and to keep changing, and ti change it into what you want it to be. If it means breaking down borders and barriers and printing more money, then do it. There should be no reason in this day and age with our advanced computing that there should be any issues at all. We should have had all these problems solved long ago….and the trick is to see them not as problems at all; but as solutions.

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