Best rabbit count yet

After putting miles and miles in the deep snow, and finding a couple spent carcasses, it was my turn to harvest….and it was bountiful! Totalling 7 Snowshoe Hares, it topped my previous best by 4. This was also after letting a few go in the morning cuz I wasnt planning on hunting, but if I am starting my new job soon then it would be good to harvest while the hunting is solid….and I spent the whole day plugging away. The Hares are still white and just starting to turn brown, but do to the deep snow they seem to be less wary than usual cuz they can just run down a hole.

Hares are a bitter tasting lot, but I have learned to curb this displeasant taste by boiling them for a solid 25 mins in water, olive oil, garlic, and green chilies. The chilies neutralizes the bitter taste and the other ingredients seem to tenderize it. After the boil, serve, or bbq, fry, or do whatever to get that extra zest. I find the front and back legs and haunches to be yummy and the tenderloins along the lower spinal column make a good addition to rice or ur favorite pasta.

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