Cold storage halfling house and garden clearing continued….

The garden clearing is by far the most laborious as you have to clear the snow, wait for the ground to thaw, rip the topgrowth and rocks and roots out, then break the soil so things can grow. Luckily, my cold storage house is in need of more coverage since the moose hides I was initially using to keep the cold in and heat out are starting to get ripe with rot. I was able to salvage the topgrowth in sodlike pieces to piece them atop the mound. After shovelling more snow on the mound, I am hoping the thingwill eventually evolve into a grassy hut. Underneath the mass is a large hole that was dug last year with pilings on each side which I pieced with a solid door laid flat to intersect the hill. Then covered with snow, sawdust, moosehides, blue tarp, and now sod from my lawn which I am converting to garden space.

Since I dont have a fridge or freezer and spent alot of money on ice to keep my perishables cold last summer, I am really hopin this puppy carries me through the summer and beyond as a solid longterm investment realized through careful planning and hard work.

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