Pressure? What Pressure?

Got the potatoes in the ground last night and just waiting for the snow to melt so I dont have to walk in and out each time I want to go somewhere. Drinkin some water made from cutting a drinking jugs bottom off and flipping it upside down and jamming a brita water filter in the neck so as the snow thaws it filters through. Once the jug is full, I add a katadyn tablet or two to neutralize or kill any bacteria. After 48 days here trying to survive without a paycheck has been a very present challenge and to make things worse, my vehicle is bouncing furiously in the front end like a bucking mule and is in need of tires and other costs are on the horizon. I have enough to make it through the downtime, but I dont have alot saved up for extra repairs and an emergency fund. Tomorrow I am going to try and fix my vehicle since its pretty necessary and also making plans to put some of my 10 years post secondary education to work and go teach English overseas or down South to get a change of pace.

To avoid monotony I have also pushed the limits of addiction (by starting and stopping smoking) and other time consuming activities to keep things challenging and fresh as the season seems to drag out and I hit roadblocks on ideas on how to keep busy. I know my mood is lazy pushing daisies reminesque and tomorrow will be a rip roaring session of productivity and hard work mixed with creative energy and sophisticated talent. I feel like something glorious is about to happen, but when I look in the mirror and hear the pitterpatter of my home snow filter and crack of the fiureplace, I think maybe it already has? With this in mind, I renew my perspective to try and improve myself and the world around me a little more each day.

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