Most recent project

Last night I made this beauty of a ring….not as useful as my Frontier blade, but I sling it on my heavy chain around my neck and it provides a nice jingle!

There is light at the end of the tunnel….not sure how I am going to make my interest payment at the end of the month, but hey, I got a job about 100kms away making it a long haul, but it is better than nothing. My Visa for my arab teaching job is hitting some roadblocks so that will probably be on hold for a couple weeks, but sure hope it pans out. Spring is finally starting her slow melt onto the earth with warmer temperatures. Good to note my cooler is holding up fine, however my garden is yet to see a sprout.

Oh well, the next month should be interesting as I try to balance budgets and priorities while making the most of things. Hoping my vehicle holds up on this lengthy commute…..heard ducks for the first time today and actually saw 3. The geese have been around for about a month. The livestock have been having babies including lambs, calves, some small horses, and thats about all for now, but it just shows the beauty of nature and our wonderful animals on this earth.

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