Transition Time

Every year, arou d this time i get a creeping nervous vibe…..could be built i fro the years of having to go back to school, or whatever, and it hasnt stopped so im just rethinking the possibilities for fall and all the opportunities or risks that abound….sitting on the edge right now….and hoping to get so.e answers soon…..interview and stay or move to the coast or what??

So far, I have a job on the coast but moving and rent will likely eat up any earnings I make so staying may be my best bet, and just working around here living off the garden or whatevr…but who knows. Especially since I have the will for a change and enjoy the challenges of new arventures…howevr, I need to be rational and just consider all my options and hopefully make some sweet moves.

Teaching finishes this week and hope to find another job asap….might go to the patch or just rock a few camp jobs a d be good or maybe even hit up my old saw job…who knows. Judas be my guide!

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