Reflections On Summer

Since it is now Autumn, it is time to reflect on a few things that were pretty cool about this summer and areas where I came up short. It was my first summer where I didn’t travel or leave the homestead. It was a nice change of pace to not have to keep the woodstove stoked or shovel snow, and get to experience the sounds of frogs in the early Spring. I was a little early on my garden, but it managed to pull through, and produce quite well. I really fell in love with the Coots early on in the Spring with their bright colored beaks and mechanical breeding sounds.

I came up short on getting my boat motors running, and taking advantage of my fishing time, but was able to upgrade my resources including a solar power unit and hunting rifle. My class worked out to be very good with my highest enrolment to date and managed to get some money onto the stock market, and find some part-time work on the side to keep me going until my next teaching gig starts. Other major projects included a cabin-build which I am just wrapping up, tree work, and removing my previous add-on and making a new one with a door cut through the main wall of the shack.

Other notes:

-Mice have been plentiful everywhere!

-Squirrels have been plentiful!

-Rosehips have been plentiful!

-9 jars of pickled carrots and 3 jars of Pickles.

-Time to start getting wood for the winter in a major way!

Until next time, happy blogging!

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