This Is The New Age Of How To Age

After reading the latest copy of Macleab’s Magazine (bionic man issue), and the interview with Google’s AI Specialist, it is clear that we are on the edge of a singularity. We have entered the new age where we have to rethink how we age. If you knew you would die at the age of 80, you would want to have kids and get a certain amount of things accomplished before you passed on, but what if you knew you were going to live to be 180? Kids maybe at age 50? Or maybe at 100?

According to the theories surrounding the new paradigms of aging, not only are we going to live longer, but our bodies will retain their longevity and agility. This means, we have to rethink how and what to teach our future generations about the social expectations and norms. Since we are in the midst of the process as it unfolds it is impossible to teach the kids or the young adults based on any frame of history because we are on the edge. We are the generation that is blazing the trail and making a roadmap for future generations of aging.

Thus, we require a certain amount of self and class consciousness, so that the pressures and stress of achieving certain milestones associated with traditional ages. That means that instead of getting married at 22, maybe 42 would be a more apt age. To better understand, think about the major accomplishments of a life and then stretch this out over a longer linear frame. Does it make sense? Can everyone relax a little bit more now? Will this rat race maybe ease up a little?

At the end of the day, you are ultimately going to live how you want, but maybe you will change a few things around to make it a bit more pleasant with the understanding that you may be around for a lot longer than you initially thought. Maybe with this information, you can change your 5 year plan and stretch things out a bit? What do you think? A bunch of mumbo jumbo?

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