Update to my fans

So I put the gumball 3000 to shame with a Jeep, not an Audi or a Porsche. A BLEEPIN JEEP. Thanks to Jeff and Ash for the sweet deal, and American paving crews across the nation. Lots of different types of pavement on the road. From long black stretches along the missouri rived in utah and into busier sections towards salt lake city utah where the pavement is white and grooved but much hazier than the sparesly populated aread to the north. The sun shone the whole way and an excellent timed drive to get the moonrays. Only 3 hours sleep each night and 21 hours straight each day. THE JEEP 2001 CHEROKEE CLASSIC DID 2400 MILES IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS.

Dropped the oil in ‘ER tday and still has some pump at 240000 clicks. So I am very impressed with it. Near death experiences came like a gravitational pull on the hairpins, and big rigs over 40 feet can be to long for some of the turns……40 feet around a curve with a 7000 foot drop at 3degrees in fog with 1 inch of ice is when I pulled over and found a nice campsite to take a dump. It was known as the Blue Lantern Viewpoint at 10000 feet above sea level. Then drove down the 6000 feet and setup camp. Was busy working and keeping all my clients happy that i didnt even have time to golf or scout the desert yet.

On the upside, the weather has been clear and pretty clean in the valley.

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