Time To Reflect

As a psychologist, or at least a psychoanalyst, not one who analyzes psychotic people, but rather one who reflects on the self, I have many things to jot down to document some milestones to keep up with the speed of life.

First, I must say life is beautiful, and there are always things we would like to have to improve our situation in life, more money, more friends, more love, more freedom, but when reflecting, one can begin yo see the sometimes less is more.

When you take the time to consider your path in life it is easier to set goals, and accomplish them without getting lost or wandering aimlessly and hopelessly without a cause.

I must say 2013 was fantastic! And probably my best year since 1999, and possibly my best year ever. One major milestone occurred yesterday when I finally made a trip to the dentist and got my incisor tooth fixed properly. Now I can smile freely without fear of having a non-winning smile. Smiles should never be held back because of poor teeth, and my little chip was causing me quite a lot of stress in the oral hygeine department over the last 5 years so that is my number 1 milestone for the year.

Consider that simple and you try getting your face punched in and not being able to afford a dentist for 5 years and your mind will change real quick….guaranteed.

Next on the list would be the cabin I built with my own hands without a stitch of help from anyone using all natural materials I harvested.

Next would be my publishing and writing and creative expansions in the literary arts including developing a system so I can telework internationally.

Next would be winning. I won alot this year and got MVP and am now famous, which as all famous people know, is not by choice all the time, but sometimes by chance.

Next would be staying true to my goals and commitments and listening to god for guidance and advice and wisdom during the hard times and to protect me and keep me when I was feeling low and being beaten down by those around me, and for keepibg my faith strong.

Next would be the garden I grew this summer and the apple trees I planted because they gave me tge power to create and geomorph in ways that truly blessed me.

Next would be the purchase of my new hunting rifle and a successful deer hunt!

And last but not least, a successful and safe trip to south america via driving where i plan on living out a new life.

That pretty much sums up 2013.


Get a girlfriend

Improve my art

Improve my writing business

Buy a boat

Get scuba gear

Increase my fishing success

Learn more about my new city

Get a golf membership

Improve my musical talents

Buy a camera


To the untrained eye, my life is quite simple and boring, but I have learned to keep my life simple out of necessity. Learning things the hard way kind of forces a person to either live simple or die, especially when you have to make something oht of nothing. Not many ppl can do that, let alone have the balls to try, and as with all things, life has a way of making itself realized in different ways when it is least expected.

In the last couple days Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker both passed away, and these are just two people among many that probably passed away. Where the people who passed away in the gutters and in dark areas less important? What about all the other people who died without any blessings or recognition?

We too often forget that life should not be a popularity contest or race because the end result is the same for everyone, so all the lies and bullshit shoukd be seen for what they are and communities should be built to support organic self-supporting systems to ensure community survival.

2014 is going to be an extremely challenging year with pollution, global warming, disease, and possible other threats including civil wars in Africa, and potential nuclear threats from Iran and the Middle East(will these threatz never go away?) Other than that, just hoping for a prosperous and healthy year to ensure life is good and progress is made for the better.


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