Weird, Cool Things I Noticed From Travelling

Buses that have big stickers on them./….like the other day, I was waiting at the bus stop because I enjoy! taking buses!!!

For the first time I actually like taking buses because they are a trip. Each one is different here. Anyway, so I am standing there and waiting and along comes this bus that has a giant Ferrari decal pasted on the front. I thought it was the coolest thing I saw all day, and think it speaks a little bit about the character and free spirit of the people here in Mexico.

Nowhere have I seen so much love — I mean not just caring, but some serious passion. Back in the States and Canada, love is dead – or at least has been institutionalized to the point that the kids of today don’t know how to express it.

It was so refreshing just to see kids making out on the beach and people grinding and holding hands and really wanting to get it on. In Canada and States, this sort of lusty passion has all but disappeared from my experiences so it was great to see that.

The women are hotter than Canadian and American women for two reasons. 1 – they are better at makeup and are more fashion – adventurous — which I am sure also contributes to the sexiness of their women.

To have a chick wearing a zebra print thong with floral print pants and stelletos would be a fashion no-no in the states and canada, but here, I am seeing all sorts of styles that are just truly pace-setting and mind-blowing on the American fashion scene.

The women here are not afraid to express themselves and seem to have some of the best fashion senses — which are likely due to their originality and ability to work with what they have — whereas, the american women are force-fed what is popular or what is not so they all end up wearing the same crap. The diversity is what makes these people beautiful, and reminds me of the Sydney Marquee Hire in Sydney, Australia.

Now, back to the buses, and the reason why they are so awesome — the same reason! It is their uniqueness! The public transit system works better here than any city I have come across and it is simple, and highly efficient, yet to the tourist – it seems like there is no order.

First off, the destinations of the buses are painted on the front windshield and you can hardly read the writing = let alone understand it if you don’t know Spanish names :), and another awesome thing is there are bus stops, but they are hard to spot!!! But you can flag down a bus and hop on it and usually end up at a decent destination — whether it is a mall, beach, or walmart!

So far I love the beaches and the women, however, I have rode way more buses than women, but they are all very unique!

Today, I transplanted my first purple orchid which I harvested as a sprout off a main stem in a ditch plant. I want to get more stuff planted so I can have some personal gardening things to tend to since I miss my plants from my garden last summer and really want to get some more started.

I also got some avocados started, but I am not sure if they will sprout since they are just seeds from the fruit I got at the store.

Other news, found a patch of passion fruit growing low on a vine, but can’t get a definite idea on whether it is passionfruit or not. Took it to the local fruiteria and they said it was garbage, but Im not giving up on it.

Had my first clubbing experience last night and had 7 coca colas so I was pretty wired, but it was not what I was expecting, or really searching for. First off, the crowd was 45-55, and I was looking for some women more my age to shake my tail feather with, and that didn’t happen, but it was still a lot of fun and a great experience partying with the older crowd.

The theme was the 80s and 90s and it was a flashback friday with tina turner, micheal jackson, and lots of mixes. I wanted something a little more heavy like some deadmaus and wanted to really dance, but by midnight everyone was having a pretty good time and I still got to dancing before coming home.

Yesterday was my first experience seeing a tropical rain here and it was pretty light compared to some monsoons, but heavy enough to knock down the dust and cool things off! WAs nice!

Other things about the party place — people just order buckets of beer or bottles of their drink of choice rather than one at a time and they all sit around under a canopy and get pretty loaded, but it was a lot of fun.

Also found a local gym and got my second workout in of the season and going to start going gung-ho now that I am on a program, and also found the golf course, so I am going to save up for a membership hopefully, but have no idea how much they are, but totally want to whack some balls.

Other than that, my goals for the new year remain unchanged:

grow the business





meet a girl

grow a garden

make the world a better place – pickup litter, help people in need, etc.

I wish my family and friends a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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