I finally got the chance to catch a live ball game and the home team is ona winning streak so it was great to be in high spirits with all the fans. A much different vibe than hockey up in Canada, but still very fun. Less noise from fans, but more racy tunes and greater selections on food and vending items.

The mascot was also more racy and doing some pretty funny dances and making fun of the other teams pitcher while he was in the bull pen! Haha.

Other than that, it cost me 7.00 to buy a freakin baseball, but now I have a regilation ball that I can practice pitching with against the chainlink fence by my apartment.

Also got some deep sensations today from an Azteca massage and seriously felt so good it was unreal. The masseuse lady had the smoothest skin I have ever had touch me, and since I was face down in towels I thought perhaps she was wearing lubed latex gloves to rub me down. It was a head to toe blessing and really probably the greatest I have felt since….well it was good. No happy ending though, and my balls are blue as a result, and quite sore, but oh well, it was still worth it.

After coming back to my flat and relaxing for a little while (I know, having to relax more after a relaxing massage is just tough luck), but then I made a big pot of rice for my evening meal of fish tacos. After a couole tacos, I ran a couple miles along the beach and dang near keeled over from exhaustion, but it was worth it, and then did some pushups!

Christmas was good, even though I spent it alone, and probably doing nothing for New Year’s Eve since I don’t drink and don’t have a girl to kiss. So Santa didn’t deliver me my Iza Goulart under the tree, but I am still waiting and wishing!

Work is going well enough and just busy enough. Tried some binary trading and got hammered on some emotional plays and beat myself up over it, but have since grown some brains and making a comeback.

Also have been letting the little Mexiico kids use my soccerball and longboard to play with, but I had to ground them when they pulled my aloe plant because I wouldn’t let them use.my board. But they hauled me a bunch of dirt to make up for it and I plan on planting some tomatoes and zuchini since I miss my plants and garden alot!

HAPPY New Year!

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