What In The World?

What a wild day…..In fact, what a month! What a year! Just over two weeks in and really can’t pinpoint any changes from 2013 to 2014. I am still sticking to the my goals, and have caught a couple fish and have yet to go golfing. I checked prices and it is $140 a round and I am not ready to dish that kind of cake out yet!

Other than that, did a big run yesterday getting 4 miles in 25 minutes, or say the odometer on my imaginary brain says 😛 — but it was pretty good, then went to one of the nearby hotels and nearly vomited from the fresh paint fumes on my way to the gym. While working out I turned the treadmill to max and sprinted, nearly vomiting again, and then decided I was done torturing myself, so I went and got a massage, which of course is just another form of torture since all the ache of pains of real life suddenly disappear in this sensual and relaxing environment….but do you want to know what the worst torture of all? Having to feel like a whore because you want to go and relax. Sure the women are sexy and turn me on, but I have yet to have sex or even get a blow job or hand job to date! So all the haters can fuck off! 😛 In fact, I have yet to drink a beer or any alcohol in 4 months, also no drugs, but did have a couple packs of cigarettes, and was celibate for 7 weeks without masturbating — beating my previous record of three days. 😛 And have only masturbated once, and it was by accident because I was in a dream and woke up covered in piss and cum so it doesn’t count because it was a wet dream. 😛 But I have been watching some porno called Co-Ed Confidential before bed so that is not helping my case any and also started dry-humping my bed…..Why? Oh why did she swallow the fly?? 😛

Also, took a two month driving hiatus just to keep things interesting, and decided to get back on the road today and got the innards of the Jeep cleaned and vacuumed, then went over to the dealership and told them to make me an offer since I don’t want to drive for awhile. After driving here I just about freaked myself out enough that I don’t want to have to deal with the stress of traffic for a looooonnnnnngggg freaking time, and if I want to go somewhere, well I’ll just grab some Kryptonite and fly. .! Duh!

Other than that, work has been quite diverse lately, writing everything from Smut to Finance, and everything else in-between. I have been really liking my fish tacos lately and plan on making some chili one of these days now that I have the beans. Just need to get some peppers and hamburger and I will be making some good chili!

Went for a swim yesterday and used my mask to lay in the water and wait for a wave to come and hit me in the face and watch the little bubbles it made as it washed over me. It was really relaxing and the closest thing I had to a bubble bath in a long time so I did that for quite awhile, and played dead and let the waves tumble me like a seashell and just really got in touch with the water yesterday.

Then I worked my way out to chest height and when some big swells were coming in I duck dived and ket my eyes open with my mask and when the wave breaks at the moment everything under the break goes dark so the sunlight can’t get through and the force of the wave pulled the skin on my face back and I could feel my blood rush in my face. It was kinda cool so I did that for awhile and then pissed in the ocean! Uh-oh — call the lifegaurd – someone peed in the pool!

So everyone needs to take a chill pill — and maybe I am overreacting and should probably just get a girlfriend or something since there are a ton of women here, but god knows I don’t talk, and even if I did my Spanish would probably be pretty shabby. Anyway, back to the bubbles on the ocean,;…..so I was sitting there in the big ocean bathtub and the bubbles actually create a very high pitched frequency when they pop. I listened for quite awhile to the bubbles and the screaming of the pitch and realized that it was different from the noise that the waves make when they descend back into the break which is much more of a whooshing-hiss sound, which as an aside, is also similar to the sound of a soul leaving or entering the body, according to some shrinks.

Anyway, joined www.marblar.com – a website that offers technologies that you can suggest ideas for and if your idea gets picked you can get royalties, so that was fun to play around on and make suggestions for all these advanced technologies on how we should have better computing systems so robots can do everything we can do – except better – because they are smarter, stronger, faster — blah, blah, blah, but it is really a neat site.

Other things include a recent reading of Sten, a SciFi novel, which was enjoyable — where the basic premise was if you are born into a low class you stay there – except for Sten – who actually broke the class barrier and rose to the top. What an inspiration! Other news! Got my Instructor position at the college renewed, so that will keep me busy this summer, as well as get me back into the grind of research and writing.

Other than that, plan on staying for awhile yet, but may have to move out of my apartment in April for a week because there is a reservation??? HA. That would be utter hell. Having to move all my crap out for a week, then move back in. How ridiculous, but I plan on working on that to keep things seamless. So that is it for now, and hopefully one day I get a girlfriend so I can get me a fine ass lady to rub my back instead of shelling out my cash to do so, but until that day comes you can bet I will be getting a rub down at least once a week to experience some physical man to woman contact because without it a man goes crazy!!!

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