One Down – 11 To Go!

So January, or Enero en Espanol is just about in our rear-view mirror, and I have to think was it a good month or not, and did I live up to my resolutions?

To be honest, the last few days have been like a vacation! I went golfing and sea kayaking and even caught a fish from the kayak. I also paddled to an island and stopped in and saw hundreds of little blue fish swimming in the tide pools along with some more timid, but larger, darker fish. It was a great scene. The island was empty expect for me and I loved the smell of slime and pure fish that hit me when I got out of the kayak. It was much different than the mainland and hustle and bustle of the city.

Since I was on the clock — $30 bucks for two hours in the kayak, I didn’t get to relish in the peace and joviality that the place was giving, but instead hopped in the kayak and paddled back. I also got over my fear of sharks on this little paddling trip, and also got an interest in buying a kayak rather than renting. I talked to the vendor on the beach and may be able to get a small kayak for $350, but I still think that is steep so I am going to shop around since I am sure some of these kayaks are probably worth less than that.

Other news! I went golfing and had a great day out on the links hitting balls. Didn’t break anything or smash any windows and even chipped one in from the rough. My new putter is amazing, but what can I say, I was using a ladies putter before. Go figure!

Other than that, been working like a champ and slowly starting to make headway on my working area, so I can’t complain since I got rent paid and had some fun this month!

Been reading a couple books lately that are uber strange, but since there is very little to choose from I am taking what I can get. I had to stop reading the one piece because it was too much and probably going to toss my current read as it is getting to be too much as well since it had an necrophelia scene in one of the chapters and I am not down with that — no matter how sic-fi you are!

Put the Jeep up for sale, got a couple bites, but haven’t seen the cash yet. Oh well, I’m in no rush in that department. Otherwise, just kicking out the stories and keeping in shape by running and working out. Been doing about a mile a day and skating a little bit on my longboard, but there were a couple days where I got into the cigars and smoked a pack of smokes and it took me two days to recover. I was dead tired and just totally wiped.

Still no sex or alcohol or drugs and really would like a girlfriend one of these months, even more than a beer or smoke, but oh well, I guess my hard work being abstinent is paying off in karma? Who knows? Anyway, life is good, and just trying to keep things interesting when I am not writing by getting creative, but have felt that in some ways I have reached caps to exploration, at least in my immediate surroundings, and need to change things up to get a different lifestyle. For instance, I have yet to even go for coffee somewhere! How freaking lame is that?

And its Friday night! I should be out dancing instead of writing this freaking blog! Oh well, my legs are like jelly anyway and I am enjoying the peace and quiet tonight. I made some chicken breasts last night with honey and minced garlic for a honey garlic flavor and had some delicious chicken-rice tacos. Yum!

Happy February Everyone!

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