Twisty, turny, topsy, turvy!

No I am not desciribing the stock market crash and the descent into another epic stage of doom and gloom, I will let all the meathead illusionists give you the details on why things work or do not work.

However, February basically nipped all my plans of getting a kayak in bud since I got a phone bill for $1400 bucks….my largest phone bill ever! The reason? Roaming charges. Thank god the Crtc put a cap on such bills on Dec.02 to not exceed the $150 mark, only 7 days after my trip! What a burn!! My data usage? 200 megs. That’s like two twitter feeds!!

So there goes the bike, kayak, and big game fishing tackle I was saving for….and am currently working with my phone company to reduce the bill, and hope to get a response because that is lotsa money for a service that costs essentially nothing. Aaaah, to know what being victimized feels like…..not one of my favorite spots to be.


But I went for a run and caught a cpl fish today…more like minnows, cuz they were so small, but decided that I will pay the bloody thingif I have to and just chalk it up onto the karma feed, hoping for a blessing in other ways….not to mention being thankful for what I do have….a roof over my head, great health, and a good job, and living in a great city beside the ocean…..afterall, even though it throws a wrench in the gears and slows my plans and goals, I am going to keep my chin up, and keep on keepin on and hopefully by this time next year have a smaller debt load to look after and a couple more toys to play with. Until then, just gonna make the most of it with what i got.

Jeep is still up for sale and could use the proceeds to pay my phone bill, and maybe reinvest the small amount leftover, or put it in some gold stocks since as any good investor knows, when the market folds, the dollars go out and the gold standard goes in. Woohoo karma feed…kick me some love!!!

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