Be My Valentine

I would like to start this entry with "Alas," but things are going to good be so negative. A war cry or victorious chant is not an option either because they aren’t going so good, but to be honest, this middle of the road business is a really decent short position to be sitting in. My $1397.00 phone bill got reduced to $521.50, God Bless Rogers Communications for working with me, so I got that paid, and hopefully put my credit back on track for the long haul. Paid rent yesterday for the rest of the months, so now I can start saving for my next round of payments coming due in a couple weeks. 😛

Seeing as how I don’t want to let finances run my life, I have been really actively exploring ways to keep busy without spending a fortune or running into any setbacks… far I have only been able to come up with internet surfing, watching movies, swimming, and running to keep busy.

I haven’t even been able to catch any Olympics, but have been reading the briefs and watching the medal count and can’t help dwell on the nostalgia of cross-country skiing and all the fun winter sports in the spirit of healthy competition!

Drinking a tea and trying to get a head cold out of the way and just finished watching "Kill Bill" – one of Tarantino’s best productions ever. So real it hurts.

Since I got a decent reduction on my phone payment, I am now tempted to buy a bike, kayak, or surfboard, but at the same time, am hesitant to do any spending until I have more dinero. I know all to well how life has ways of throwing curveballs, so for the moment, I am going to hold off, and just make do with what I have in order to build an emergency fund.

No bites on the Jeep, and have pretty much committed to a hardcore schedule of work over the next couple months, and have really been getting pretty absorbed into the writing process, and all the mundane facets that come with writing some of the more structural SEO marketing pieces that require keywords. Oh well, it helps the chip stack grow, and I will find some better ways to expand my mind over the next couple months.

There is also lots of excitement coming up around the corner as the city gears up for the annual festivals and events to celebrate history and culture, and swoons of people will be coming to the city to attend the presentations and shows.

Other than that, everything is ok. Like I said, I am in the middle of the road, have a head cold, but not dead, or struggling, but have committed to the daily work routine and have migrated from a tourist stance to one of duty as I flesh out my role as a Writer in Mexico.

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