New starts

Got some new starts today. Kayaked over to perajos island and walked around, being the only person there….as far as i knew anyway
That is the island in the picture.

One.of the coolest things was the ezperience of seeing flying fish today. They didnt fly high, but one went as far as 40 feet. They use their side fins, dorsal? And flap as fast as a hummingbird. They were maybe 4 or 5 inches long and so fast that I couldnt get a detailed view…kind of like when a hummingbird is in flight

…just a blur

Went biking and met people and looking to build the Spanish component of my business and have started building a team for a fashion company out of newyork that may be growing their business in latin america.

Easter is upon us, and there are lots of visitors. Finally balanced my budget and now to learn the best areas for fishing.

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