First snow sticks and wasp looking bug

Got an inch of snow, and my snow trap collected about 3 linear feet of snow. Also, got first sighting on this thing. Also sighted a similar species.with yellow instead of orange legs. This specimen has been cut in half and has it wings clipped and is the first I found that I actually triedContinue reading “First snow sticks and wasp looking bug”

Happy Thanksgiving To Family And Friends

I hope everyone had a great Canadian Thanksgiving amd celebrated with lots of food. As usual, I opt out of the Canadian Thanksgiving and celebrate the American Thanksgiving in November because my harvest always pushes late and have no time to sit around being thankful when I have a bunch of stuff Hopefully byContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving To Family And Friends”


This guy was looking quite gay as he sat atop a grizzled and bleached fence post on a warm September day in Canada. He wasn’t camera shy and was unlike the more common brittle grasshoppers, kind of more elite, like a fixed wing aircraft that had been beefed up. His wings were also thinner andContinue reading “DARK GREEN GRASSHOPPER WITH BIG EYES”