Pre-Season Jitters

It’s like I am having pre-season jitters, or cold feet, or just feeling a little off-canter since it started getting cold up here in Canada. It doesn’t take long for a cold front to move in and freeze everything in place…..including me.

Does the weather actually make me less able to move about? Theoretically it is possible, the but resistance from the cooler air temperature is hardly enough to make my muscled body notice, but other gases, that is a different story. Gases, when cooled, can create inversions, where pockets of air get trapped, so good thing I am not a pocket of gas floating about, and rather, just another person trying to make the most of prepping for the seasons.

The other day, the daily chores involved cutting wood for when the cold weather comes, and also to get things “caught up” — there are numerous things that fall under this category, and it makes sense for you to pick and choose which things you want to do, and when.

Other than that, the quest for immediacy has been particularly striking today, and the demand for getting things done NOW! Sometimes the best thing to do is succumb to the weather, whether you like it or not, and just stay put. It can be so easy to get distracted and want to go shopping to the mall, or get ready for something “more important or fun”, but sometimes you just have to stop and live in the NOW rather than waiting for it to happen.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 12.38.40 PM

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