Winter Starts Tomorrow! Quick Recap

  Was the Mayan Calendar off by a couple years or what the heck is all this Mumbo Jumbo anyway ? Like what happened to all the #Sochi Rallies on Twitter?>>>? C’mon the Sochi Jokes were the BEST!!!! Now look at things this year!!!  Completely different scenario with all the problems over there in UkraineContinue reading “Winter Starts Tomorrow! Quick Recap”

Hopefully BC and AB follow suit and get the policy right

  Then Alaska, BC, AB, Oregon, and Washington can have some more trade established, and better productivity with the Tax revenues from Marijuana, which can go to Healthcare, Schools, and Senior’s Citizens instead of the pushers!!! For more Marijuana policy advice, please visit the MPP,   This would be a great stop-gap preventative in the recentContinue reading “Hopefully BC and AB follow suit and get the policy right”

Hopefully they get that water cleaned up

Any predictions on who will have the “winning” team at the Games?   Is the “Winning Team” those left standing after swimming the Channel? — IMAGE SOURCE      

Liquid Smoke Production Success

I got about 5 jars of liquid smoke, but have to toss this batch because my ceramics had toxic paint, so gonna paint the logs with it, utilising the material as a Stain application…since it has fireproofing elements and drying and curing elements. Gonna see if I convert some more of this fog into liquidContinue reading “Liquid Smoke Production Success”