Liquid Smoke Production Success

I got about 5 jars of liquid smoke, but have to toss this batch because my ceramics had toxic paint, so gonna paint the logs with it, utilising the material as a Stain application…since it has fireproofing elements and drying and curing elements.

Gonna see if I convert some more of this fog into liquid smoke using stainless steel bowls and will be selling small jars for $25 apiece if any connissuers want to try an extremely pure batch of my delicious smoke.

Smoke is captured in the pipe where it cools and condenses in my smoke trap and then funnels onto some runners and drips down. I can make a good supply so if you know anyone who enjoys smoke flavoring, they will greatly enjoy this uniquely rich variant.

Derived from the choicest woods, hand selected to have been chewed by beetles and ants as to provide a nitrogen rich flavoring of winning contests for its sweet delicious flavor.

Next batch will be 100% Naturally Organic so preorder now.

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