Personal Goal Sheet

2014 Goals Achieved

  • Stayed healthy, happy, bought a surf board
  • Incorporation of a new company
  • Got the roof on my new log house
  • Purchased a used truck (3 trucks now)
  • Lived abroad for part of the year
  • Did the Edmonton-Vegas Drive in 30 hours straight
  • Bought a new chainsaw (2 saws)  and solar panel (4 panels now)
  • Paid off my Mastercard
  • Completed my Phone Contract
  • Freelanced hard and made decent income

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 7.47.44 PM


2015 Goals

  • Build some more forts
  • Do my taxes
  • Go Exploring and build a mountain fort
  • Find gold or other treasures
  • Be healthy
  • Save For Windpower
  • Fix my truck
  • Pay down debt
  • Continue to develop impact sites and safe havens
  • Go back to school in the Fall (isn’t that what people are supposed to do during a recession?)

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 7.50.02 PM

Excited about the transformational potential of 2015 with all the dynamics that are the beginning of what seems like the beginning of the Future.   I don’t know if it is too early to say the future is now, but there will be plenty of action in the models of organization, both as a society, globe, and pretty much every system I have studied is changing faster now than any of my other previous studies.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 7.51.18 PM

Thus, I am moving onto the Trapline where I catch animals and skin them to get their fur, which I sell to Fur Buyers, and then in Spring with some more teaching and exploration platforms in the Rocky Mountain range, with another review on Markets in June, where the world will have had some time to sweat out some of the growing pains and calamities that have been so profound in the News lately.


As a result, I have trimmed my News viewing to only snippets, and am trying to monitor my viewing of perverse material, or at least limit it, as some of the material is quite abhorrent.  Not to mention the problem of Media Trust, since the recent hacks across the varous arrays of the WWW.   Depending on the situation, I might even go back to school to study geo-chemistry since I spend so much time playing with rocks.

Another issue I have is with personal security and privacy, which might not seem a big issue since I run a personal blog, but more for others who are preyed upon and victimized by hackers, trolls, and malicious threats.  I don’t like those, so I might spend a little time and learn how to get better informed to make myself less reliant on places and platforms that I use everyday, which may be compromised, and rendered useless.  That will be really tough for me since I like playing on my phone and computer and manage to find a happy medium between working outside and working on my computer.


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