Whitecap woodpecker – mom and baby?

This is the smaller of two Whitecaps I have seen. There is also the Redcap, which has been interacting with the Whitecaps.

These smaller ones are cute, and I am thinking they must be yearlings since they seem to be a little more wise than the larger ones, shown facing my blind about 8 feet up from the crotch of the forked poplar in picture 2.

The little one is on the gnarled and tried tamarack pole just right of the woodpecker decoy blind facing away from the camera.  Picture 1.  It has a series of tailfeathers that make a unique pattern, and also has a white signal mark on its back, which can be seen in the small snow pocket in the arch of the tree branch.

Little Whitecap on the Tamarack Pole
Little Whitecap on the Tamarack Pole

The Red Caps are almost exactly the same, except that the crest of their crown is vermillion red along the sides, which are not to be confused with the Pileated Woodpecker show in my previous posts.   Just use the search bar to find items.

20150108 131416
20150108 131416

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