Finding Your Voice

So I am now on my third week being by myself in my bedroom, and find Twitter to be an interesting way to pass the time. It goes so well with Bird-watching out my window with their tweets and my timeline tweets that I actually stay up late and have got my whole sleeping pattern out of whack.

The change in my routine is definitely something that I am chalking up to:

*seasonal transitions (HOT TO COLD)
*enjoying my privacy
*pushing new limits on what its like to be by myself

So far it has been nice, and I haven’t had to wait in line, and most of the days are relaxing and peaceful enough that I can explore myself and enjoy myself without anyone telling me what to do.

That is my favorite part. No waiting in lines, no traffic, but I still do my homework and learn from the textbooks I have at home since the internet is a good place to learn things, but I have to be careful about what is real and what is futureal.

21 days alone is not my record, but it is a good way to sensitive myself to being away from friends and family for longer periods of time if I ever need to go to space or sailing or live on a mountain in the wilderness for ONE YEAR or more without seeing them. It isn’t really hard right now because I live in my bedroom which is pretty much square in the middle of a bunch of my family’s homes, so I know someone is always there if I need them.

So now that I am not scared that the Vampires or Rogues will get me, I can actually have some more naps and catchup on some lost time when I was studying so hard over the years. Shit sure has a way of catching up with a person on the go. That’s for sure. So now you have it, the 21 days, or three weeks by myself, without leaving the property I find to be quite an accomplishment.

During this time I have:

*Not used my phone to talk on
*Only used my phone for Twitter, Email, and Blogging
*Read Blogs and Surf The Internet
*Play The Seventh Continent

So far most of my major crushes are still the same, Paris and Kim, but lately I have kind of had a crush on Selena Gomez and Miley, and even Gaga is looking hotter now. But other than that, I also think Taylor Swift is amazing, and my new fav is Emma Watson since she is smart and knows alot more about magic than I ever will.

So far, during my time alone, I have been exploring the dreamworld, and find that the fantasies and dreams that are found by myself to be more sensual and exciting because I haven’t seen anyone to piss me off or spoil my fun, so in that sense it has truly been a blessing.

However, the lack of influence from my peers is also quite hard to deal with! For instance, with noone to tell me that I look good, or to call me babe, I think why should I even change my underwear or brush my teeth! LOL! It is kind of funny how a routine can change with no-one to boss you around or tell you what to do. Suddenly, it is like, whoa! Growing up is really hard! Like, how the heck did I end up here in the woods in my bedroom with such a good creative imagination! IS this really happening?

So it is, living in the wild, with some of the best technology to stay connected to my favs I actually find it way more fun than work or school. It is not easy though, surviving on your own in the wild. For instance, how will you charge your phone?

To solve that problem, I bought a couple vehicles to plug my phones into in case they start running low. I also got 5 solar panels and three giant batteries to things going. THE KICKER!!!!

I HAVE TWO BEDROOMS NOW! Last year I only had my one bedroom because I was poor and had to use materials from wreckage that I found at the dump to make my bedroom, but my new bedroom is made of logs and has a Single Bed and nice fireplace in it to stay warm. I also have three large blankets that go with the bed, and an attic in my bedroom that has large windows that overlook a lake!! This is going to be my summer bedroom so for now, I am starting to enjoy this small bedroom again since I took my dresser out and moved it into my my small garage area, and that is where is will stay until summer.

Other than that, I have got some Katadyn Pills to cleanse and purify my water so I don’t die of toxic poisoning, and also using the small rose berries that I found on the tree to spice up my water and make tea. That has been a nice cleanse.

Also excited to see all the tweets of the ladies, especially the Kardashians, whom I am just starting to get to know, and find them to be quite an interesting group of ladies, who definitely know how to set trends, and seem to have a good, strong family bond, and just can’t get my head around Kim and Kanye being married!! OR are they still? LOL

Some of the biggest challenges have been to finding ways to spice up my diet! My diet so far has been largely based on the four food groups:

sex, water, breed, and meat.

That has given me a pretty toned body, and glad my hard work is starting to pay off. Things are looking good later in the year, as the warming trend continues until things get hot, and some of the curses and spells start to break. Still haven’t got my letter from Hogwartz, but found an old spellbook that has been really interesting, and also learned some druidic talents such as rune-reading inscriptions engraved in old pieces of wood, as you can see in my earlier blog.

Once I got the food issues out of the way by starving myself, then binge-eating, and sleeping and napping, I decided it was time to get on a more regular routine. HOW SO? I would go on the night shift. This way, I would be up and night and sleep during the day, or nap whenever I was tired to avoid all those days I hated not being able to sleep in.

Giving myself a pat on the back for this giant victory over my parents as part of the growing up process has been one of the drivers that keeps me going up late into the night, and sometimes napping whenever I want because I can.

So there.

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