February 2015 Coming Soon!

Almost 1 down, 11 to go in 2015, and as slow as molasses as it has been, in retrospect, it sure has flown by.

While I didn’t want to leave my bedroom, I had to twice this month to get supplies, but plan on staying here until February comes, and even plan on increasing my workload and production. Most of my immediate risks have been alleviated, but there is still plenty to do in the meantime. Had some rough sleeps lately since the tossing and turning has been more active, and it seems like the nights are brighter with the new skiff of snow against the moon.

Pretty chill this month, and no valentine to spoil this year, so just gonna make sure all my books are straight by the end of february to hopefully get the whole year mapped out for adventure and profit! Now, that would be something wouldn’t it?

Starting to get a little excited to get the new season kickstarted and must believe the worst is over, and really not going to drag on about how shitty things have been because that is just not my style. Instead, if things are going my way, I just keep working, whether I am paid or volunteering, because I know that hard work pays off, and things are never easy. To think of all the times I risked my life for a minimum wage job is just scary to think about some times….to think of the working conditions, how unsafe they were, and to be made to feel like an object. Or other jobs where being in the spotlight can also take its toll, in ways that you don’t undertsand until you wish you were never famous, like you can’t walk down the street with helium balloons because everyone will want one so of stuff, so that the only way to really interact is to re-establish the sense of self, so that people begin to realize who they are as an individual without all the influence.

I have been counting the ways that I have been influenced, and now that I spend most of my time by myself in my chamber I don’t get much from external peer pressure, however, the social media and internet ads do a great job at pushing me messages whenever I tune in. I could not imagine people who have friends and teachers and coworkers to deal with, as well as their social media, and what they would have to deal with. However, it seems like there is a lot to learn, and that the new trends and diversity is being adopted by people when they want, how they want, so things are going pretty good, and now I have to review my FEBRUARY GOALS:

1) Double Production
2) Submit Forms
3) Grow The Business
4) Maintain A Stringent Budget
5) Start Some Starter Tomatoes??
6) Get A New Phone?
7) Make Better Plans

So that is my plan for now, and really just going day to day enjoying things as much as possible and learning from nature and technology.

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