My 5 Day Survival Plan

Since I already made it the last couple days by myself, I figure I am going to try an survive the week without talking to anyone and just enjoying the birds and cooking potato skins. Not much in the traps or snares and most of the work has been in-kind, however, the receivables are looking on the up, pending delays of course. Put the cash balance into taxes and investments, but have all the payments covered with AR looking to clear month-end and FWD phone pays in February. Optimistic personal tax returns look favorable, and business tax may be close to $100, so any new business will be to put to the float, with the basics covered.

From my current inventory, I have enough food to last about 10 days, and have some extra emergency plans if I start getting low. If worst comes to worse, I can always use money, but for now, I am trying to survive without spending too much, and mostly just putting it back into the market in one way or another hoping that it will come back with some dividends some day. Lots of patience-building is required to ride our the stalemates of winter with the constant fire-keeping and weather battling, but it could have been a ton worse if that storm didn’t bring some sunshine and warm weather to melt things down.

We had two feet of snow, and now there is only about 8 inches, so getting around is a ton easier, and starting to feel better about that. Not that I have left my bedroom much, since I just stay in it all day and cook and do my homework, so there isn’t much time for TV or leaving to go anywhere. So I plan on hunkering down and riding out the next couple weeks as the days begin to get longer with more sunlight my solar panels will give my batteries more juice and I won’t have to depend on fuel as much.

Glad to have made it as comfortably as I have, albeit with a few mind-set changes to adjust to the harsh conditions of surviving out here by myself, but none that I can say have been overbearing, with everything taken in stride. Given the light of the world’s current events, I continually look forward to planting a garden and am already seeing sprouts coming out of the potato skins making me think I should get them in the starter boxes.

SOOO — if we get any more nice weather, I might get some soil and plant some dill or salad or tomato plants so I can get an early start this year. I shouldn’t be complaining at all though, since I planted my whole garden already last year in the fall before it snowed, so all I need to do is pray for warmth and sunlight and hopefully my corn plants will grow so I can plant more, then make flour. Farming isn’t something you can get into overnight, and often takes years of preparation, as I have been realizing more and more. That said, I figure there is no better time to get started than the present, and for now, that means sitting in my bedroom working and dreaming.

Food Scarcity
Water Supply
Basic Fuel

Resource Supply: Adequate for 10 days. Ration for another 10. Light Rations another 10. As far as I am concerned if I have enough food for a month, I might as well be on vacation because I have my bedroom to sleep in, and by that time I should have some money saved up to buy some more food as well as pay taxes and payments in Mid-Feb.

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