I am so looking forward to the commercialization of space compared to the science of space. Can we finally make a Bitcoin worth a trillion and shop infinitely in space? It is only a matter of time before countries and companies start investing into space programs, if they aren’t already doing so. What is trending now is a new “space-race” that includes the romanticism of space travel and even colonialization on ships in space.


Having your own ship in space may not be as luxurious as it sounds, but the race is on, and people are going for the gusto! Scotland has made an entry into the race by positing itself as a good location for Aerodromes. These places are used to send people, goods, and other space traffic into transit, and also receive incoming traffic. It sure is nice to see the Scottish putting these plans into use, and the next generation of workers aren’t complaining either as the future prospects for employment in the “Space Industry” is on the rise, and may be a new economic trend in our present day and age.


See the FULL-ON @BBC

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