Bedroom Stories


Managed to make it through the first third of February and starting to save up some scratch to make some dough, and should have enough to buy some food once I finish selling some of my art that I have been working on. Other than that, getting creative in the culinary department and took my first shot at making banana bannock.

I had some frozen bananas — it was easy since it was cold and they were frozen — to thaw them into mush and mix in a peanut butter container or tupperware with a mix of some leftover flour and sugar mix from baking! The result was a heavy banana flour, which I mixed with strips of jerky meat into a beaten mix and stewed it.

My stomach is not bad considering the penis surgery I have been doing on myself to help pass the time as my foreskin was starting to itch. While this is not my first surgical procedure, it was in an ornery spot that made things complicated over the last couple weeks while trying to do some fire stoking. In retrospect, I consider this a form of self-mutilation, that came upon after a chaffing from my underwear. While the slight itch is gone, after a couple bandaids and using tape to keep my penis-skin back so it could breathe, I managed to recuperate.

Also considering going back to school to study new media and geography and try to relearn some of the classics now that I have seen some of the world, and given the state of the economy, school is always a good fallback choice.

NOthing new, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Family Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and all the happy events this month because I am not leaving my room for awhile and just trying to get as much done as possible without using any resources. NOt that I don’t have the resources, I am just not using them…..

Consider a test scenario for sailing, flying, or spending long periods in isolation of confined spaces. This happens when we are young and have to spend time in small bedrooms and cribs and can’t crawl around and explore, and later on in college in the dorms, and for prisoners, and for sailors, and space captains.

Staying in one place for a long time also lends perks to environmental control, which is an essential element of the artist. In my case, my bedrooms are really just big awkward art projects, or forts, that I built to sleep in. This winter is pretty cold and will probably be the last winter I spend in this bedroom, which I will soon convert to a Maproom and library.

In the spring Im moving to my other bedroom and starting to look forward to that because the cold weather is a deterrent for me this season since I got babied by the sunshine last winter. Now I just listen to the birds and work from home and find that it is easier pretending that I am isolated and alone (when my friends, family, and neighbours are all next door) that actually having to face the world isolated and alone, so it’s actually pretty fun.

Eventually I’m going to have to go buy some food, but for now, I am enjoying testing new diets and alternative ways to survive my quest of killing time in my bedroom until Spring.


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