Dissecting Designs

Going inside the chasms of a Wood Ant’s architectural design can be enlightening for those who need to find ways to travel upwards and downwards through solid material. Their spiral design allows for greater upward mobility, and their sluff trails can be found near the core.

While none were present upon this inside look, their presence was definitely noticed by the cuttings ajd heavy patterning going on.

They fit into the ecosystem by aerating the wood, giving it better flexibility to strain against wind force and freezing swells.

Woodpeckers dig deep to find these trails, which in turn, could offer these lost and trapped and frozen antminers a way out when they thaw and resume work….and still have to figure out why some have wings? And do the Spruce Beetles and Ants interact? Are they symbiotic or predatorial to each other? ????

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