More clearing needs to be done

My lower panorama window overlooking little lake offers a nice view from my new house, which I have now moved into part-time since the subzero temperatures have abated, and using my other house part-time on really cold nights. Both units are eco-friendly and "off the grid" so to speak, but are rquipped with solar powerContinue reading “More clearing needs to be done”

Enceladus Has Hydro-Activity

While no-one has been able to make the claim to fame of finding Wildlife On Another Planet — Cassini Mission gets good data on the potential Saturn’s Moon Enceladus as a potential simulation model for ealry-Earth like Geothermal activity 00 which is pretty cool. But the missing link is obviously the wildlife???? For are theyContinue reading “Enceladus Has Hydro-Activity”

Grandpa Cooke Reports To Dr. E.K. Wright

Letter to Dr. E.K.Wright from George Cooke – 1955 – After Starting The Athabasca Country School Board I arrived in Athabasca Landing before the railroad when the only method of communication with outside at that time was by stage coach or freight wagon over the Landing Trail to Edmonton. This road is well remembered byContinue reading “Grandpa Cooke Reports To Dr. E.K. Wright”

Before And After Log Cabin Church

Here is the Build and some reflections on my innovate design, which is most likely influenced by Grandpa Cooke and Old Churches of England. This picture is after I removed the roof which was tarped during the winter of 2013, since I had cut the logs and peeled them during the summer of 2013, thenContinue reading “Before And After Log Cabin Church”

Using Botany As A Cipher

Being connected to the land takes on a whole new meaning when trying to use a Botanists Guide To Genealogy, but that’s exactly what I’m doing as I try and unlock the secretsof theCrypt the GRandpa Cooke left behind in the form of bushes, trees, plants, and arrangement of the flora and fauna. FOUND: DogberriesContinue reading “Using Botany As A Cipher”