More clearing needs to be done

My lower panorama window overlooking little lake offers a nice view from my new house, which I have now moved into part-time since the subzero temperatures have abated, and using my other house part-time on really cold nights.

Both units are eco-friendly and "off the grid" so to speak, but are rquipped with solar power and have lake access for swimming and batheing.

I already planted 30 corn plants and potatoes in the Fall so Im expecting some fresh veggies and produce.

Got two apple trees on order and have my third house, which is already in progress, on the lakefront which will be completed this summer…putting me to 3 houses so my guests can have an enjoyable stay. There are also 4 rv lots and a golfing and gold panning zone on the lake and I plan on building my dock completely across the bay for hiking trails into the meadow and other fun activities this summer.

Stay tuned for many exciting projects to come!!

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