My new art

Just starting to get enough for some new highlighters hoping to get a tax return and buy some bitcoin.

Otherwise, started teaching again and will be exploring my arts and crafts, especially potential clay pots and wooden pack frames and planters and more sophisticated gold traps to see if I can separate clay from gold.

Feeling pretty revved about learning geology and science in a more formal setting as I have a better grasp on the necessities of value it cab provide while adventuring in the field. Some of the samples could be crushed and combined with clay to make bricks, and if it is ferrous, then maybe a battery can be made.

High doubts of gold in the sand, and the river is pretty high, but glad as heck to have the snow gone and able to move things around after the laboursome survival of another winter in the wild…..marking a small milestone, and an end to a chapter of wintering in the back40 since I will be cleaning up and moving things onto a new adventure to be developed as part of my new educational goals; to help see some of the early projects grow into fruition.

Excited to get back into my art if I can get some cash for materials, but no fear, an artist can create from any material?

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