Alberta’s Quickest Shuffle Ever – C’mon Rachel — Put In A Full Term!!!

To be honest, I am just glad to see someone actually take Cabinet and stand for it after the last few incidents with our former premieres and all the stress that politics has had on their lives; so hopefully Rachel can build some good social policy including the legalization of marijuana and help use some of that money to organize the health, policing, schools, and social services; especially when it seems like many of the larger oil companies are “taking the money” and closing doors — something that politicians are usually blamed for — but in any case — we are where we are with what we have, and if it means giving Rachel the freedom to print money to get the Alberta economy back on its feet to support our seniors then do it. It is ridiculous to just let large corporations rape and pillage our land while the peasants suffer, especially when other countries, and some of the banks even admitted to “rigging” and other “financial schemes” that diluted the money supply in the US and have plunged the Canadian Dollar to new lows.

If we are going to get back in the game without oil, we are either going to have to print money or legalize marijuana to make the most of our arable land. Those are the two quickest wins, and if we are going to be doing those types of policy leads, then we need to take B.C. and Saskatchewan into the fold to ensure regulatory and logistical compliance and make some changes to the NAFTA to ensure a better commerce route is established to the Alaska and the North.

Other new revenue options include carbon credit tax which should be enforced immediately to see how the corporations react, as well as give Rachel a large power-test in her new role to see if she can set the trend for something the whole world will eventually have to migrate to, and maybe she could even make some money doing it.

Other new revenue options are on measuring and taxing our water that flows into the US., since water from our lakes may be travelling via pipelines, so it is important to provide adequate kickbacks to places affected by the movement and transport of water out of Alberta, as it offers some new ground in revenue streams, and is a vital commodity.

Can she do it? I think she has some underlying grit that gives her an edge, especially with how solid her training in politics and law must be, even if it takes her a little bit of time to get all her finances in order.

Besides, the stage is already set for failure after what must be the quickest cabinet shuffle in the history of Alberta, with 14 years shaved off during this little “quickie.”

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 10.37.39 PM

Am I a nerd that I am starting to learn more about our political leaders?

Stay tuned to see if Rachel makes the grade, or if she will spend thousands on private flights to travel the world in pursuit of making a better Alberta!

Alberta has a lot of potential!!! Make it work for its residents! Go Rachel Go!!

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