Mom, I Got Big By The Science Bug

Taking a moment to reflect and rethink one’s life can be a big step — especially when looking at all the challenges and tribulations and can be quite daunting, haunting, invigorating, and revitalizing for the individual.

So, after taking a moment to look in the mirror, I have decided I need to look into learning more about science and technology. Being of the liberal arts caliber, I feel I need to get more formally immersed in the scientific realm, as part of a means to improve my cognitive functioning and switch up my routine, and am closing a chapter on my Pioneer Stories, and moving into the realm of science. Whether I will jump straight to the stars, or hang with the brains in jars, or extract THC from Bud in the pursuit of new science frontiers, I realize that my current level of scientific knowledge is truly, scientifically, and categorically, not up to where it should be given some of the decisions I have to make, so I have decided to hone my research interests into categories, then going to try and link these subject areas to my personal interests of projects that I am working on — as well as potentially putting each of these respective projects into a website, which I hope to publish to as part of my side projects. Since going back to school offers me a chance to learn, it also brings me back to civilization, and hopefully improves my productivity, so that I can take some of my projects that were put on standby back into action and start developing them across new social groups, which I hope to work with to develop new frontiers of research.

Some of my interests include:

Computing Science (Intro)
Neuroscience (Intro)
Geology / Geography — Interested in Space Geology
Water Science or Hydrology

As my scientific knowledge levels increase, it soon becomes evident that Science it truly multi-and-inter-disciplinary, and that having a well-rounded interdisciplinary approach is essential. For example, if I plan to learn more about Space Geology and get to go on an asteroid mission, then I feel it will be imperative that I also know as much as possible about Biology and the Flora and Fauna of any possible species I could encounter.

Even if these things don’t happen overnight, I hope to learn as much as possible about some areas that I have been studying during my explorations trips, and scientific studies I have been doing here in my wilderness lab. I have collected plenty of samples and data, and found some truly amazing things out about nature that I never knew was possible. It is with this renewed earnest that I bring forth my new interests in science, in order to better understand how the environment works as a harmonious ecosystem, to provide some improvement to the quality of life across various regions of the world. I hope to understand how a local impact can have global effects, and that there has never been a better time to get re-educated, as there is still time to make a difference to make our world better for future generations of students and scholars who will ever seek the truth about humanity and the world in which we live, for the mysteries that move us to ever greater challenges and pursuits, and that things can get extremely tough, extremely fast, and when that happens, having a solid education will be your best asset.

In today’s world, an Arts Degree is fundamental to instill the knowledge and importance of traditional family values and equip our social leaders with an understanding of “how the world should run” — and we need “scientists to make it run” according to the visions of the liberal philosophers who dream of utopia and rationalize the arts science endlessly through the ages, and after learning some of the Arts and applying them in real-life settings, I think Science provides an interesting option to learn more about the inner-workings of how things run, why clocks tick, and how regional developments can have global impact. The questions and topics are still the same, but the approach is completely different, and it is this difference that I will be looking to extract, to identify the mould on the cheese, and to be able to make scientific judgements and proofs by exposing the inner workings of how things are created, and developed.

My big interests are on rocks, and plants, but mostly rocks, and how they are so different across different areas of the earth, and hope to learn more about the geological composition of Earth, it’s functions, and apply that to what I know about space exploration. Exploration continues to be a top priority for me, and I will be using my scientific knowledge to help identify rocks in the field, and make sense of whether the rocks landed from space, rolled down a hill, got placed their by a glacial movement, or whether they are artifacts from days gone by. These questions often run through my mind when exploring and adventuring new areas, so hopefully science will help me answer some of these pent-up questions about the world and all its beauty.

I plan on tracking some of my scientific and computing research on a series of blogs that I have in the works, and hope to bring some of my other students into the development to create some good projects. Some of these blogs include: — A study of how AI in a computer-mainframe could grow conscious — Most definitely going to be watching lots of movies including all the Terminator Flicks, and other Movies about computers and playing on some of the recurring themes about how the system grows conscious of itself — in this case — I will be looking at the Blockchain, and the systems it uses to run the new financial transactions systems, and the potential this could have on World Currency Collapses in an effort to destroy traditional currency, and create new markets, including extraterrestrial opportunities for tech transfer with space stations. — Obviously blending Science and Science Fiction — of which I may put some of my Liberal Arts Skills to use and write a new book — so I need to collect some more facts on this stuff, and will be using this site to house them. — Having had to use my writing skills learned in my English Degree to the fullest, I had to write to survive in a the Freelance World, and plan on developing a platform for freelancers to create a more open-enterprise model to connect freelancers with jobs without huge Commission costs, and hope to meet some savvy web designers and entrepreneurs to grow this site with potential re-sale down the line to some of the more commercial businesses; while still maintaining its core values of reduced commissions and increased open-enterprise.

And other projects that I have on the go will come forward as they develop, and I plan on really learning as much as possible about Science to either get my PhD in Science, or get my PhD in Sociology, or PhD, or MD, and plan on putting in plenty of dedication to raise my knowledge level in the Sciences to help balance some of my social and economic expertise.

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