Rainy Day Catchup

Having a nice inside day to let my body catchup on the extreme conditioning I have been putting it through!

As much conditioning I have been doing, I am not noticing much for great results, however, my body does seem a little more toned, and if nothing else, I was surprised at my endurance to have such a productive week of training!

Managed to hit the gym 4 times this week, as well as get plenty of organizational stuff taken care of, most especially storage issues that were leaving me to concentrated in some areas, which was alleviated by spreading things out a bit, which took a load off my back.

Other than that, finally transitioned to the closure of Upstream Minerals Inc., and got my certificate of dissolution since I could not afford to maintain operations with such a low budget, and any deals made just got reverted back to gentlemen’s agreements.

Moving On...
Moving On…

Also started working some angles, and pitched a Cooperative Deal for a supporting partner to the College to look at options for collaborating in some new employment or business ventures, as well as picked up a part-time model review assignment which is going to keep me busy working on weekends to try and make rent and other payments which hit the tally, but as far as it goes, everything is purely manageable, and the lessening of the load from having a Corporate Entity, as well as a host of other dead properties that required upkeep will, or have been disposed of.

A big part of the re-prioritizing comes with my quest to increase my knowledge of the sciences, as well as increase my teaching and research profile, and employment and career expertise, which has been made relevant by all the new angles I am working, and while at the same time minimizing contract obligations (for the most part) and annual corporate dues, membership fees, and licensing, I feel that the move is in a solid direction to create more collaborative ventures with existing companies and institutions rather than maintaining a stand-alone corporation that could be subject to a range of external liabilities, so that feels kind of good to be able to operate as a free agent again, without having to worry about making ends meet during times of extreme loss.

It is already the middle of July, and I feel like everything is sort of on-track for a September start, and that I will have groomed myself well enough to make the grade on any path I choose, as well as get some opportunities to explore some new sights, take advantage of city perks, and push my training and academic programs with top-of-the-class leading research and educational resources.

Next week, I will be going camping as I will officially declare being caughtup, but until then, I have plenty more work to do, and hope to have some extra free-time by next week, at which point I hope to have received my first check for project development and start of the model reviews project.

for share payouts, see 3cpoh.com or email me to get on the calendar.

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