#bbloggers to Reduce Aging vs. #TheFame

I am much older than the people I follow, but I don’t really care because I feel that younger people have a better understanding of how the world is evolving, and that they are ultimately shaping the path our world is taking through their interaction with devices, and blogs, so today, I am going to talk about why I am an older male blogger who writes blogs to reduce the feeling of aging.

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 3.38.09 PM

Once I teamed up with my bloggers, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Other people out there were righting thousands of words per day trying to make money and pay the bills, as well as explore new paths, share stories, and compete with each other on how many views they were getting.

The whole new element of blogging and popularity contests has been one of my main concerns since I lost all my facebook friends, and found that most people were trash-talking my youtube videos, I felt like all I have left was my blog, and my daily journal, which I still keep as a general diary. I feel that my real diary is more important than my blog because it is more private, since blogs are generally out there for the world to see what kind of person you are.

For me, people who blog probably have a better sense of perspective on the world than people that don’t blog. Basically, bloggers are smarter than non-bloggers, and eventually they will get the followers if they stick to producing a wide range of material across topics that trend, and get networking with the right team. Lately, I have joined the #bbloggers fan club and use that hashtag for my blog posts.

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 3.19.10 PM

So far wordpress has been my favorite blogging, and I usually set a feature image to give my fans an idea of what they are getting. I also conduct a wide range of social experiments on my audience such as how many likes I get, how many RTs, and other stats, and find that my quest in social media is progressing in new areas that I can grow into rather than grow out of, since there are entirely new ways of communicating across a wide range of hashtags, channels, and basically the whole internet is connected so it makes for easy syncing across a wide range of platforms.

Most people that don’t blog are generally those people that need to “get a life” so to speak, and possibly use a blog to create some meaning to their lives, or as a sort of document or autobiography, a tool to share their story, as well as open up new opportunities for criticism and adventure.

How would you deal with the fame if your blog went big?

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