Seasonal Change – Winter Goals

Hey Fans!

Thanks so much for all the letters and responses!!!

They mean the world to me!!!

Thanks to all my blogging fans for all the comments, and all the 1989 Fans supporting Taylor’s tour, and Paris for having the kids rave!!! You guys are so amazing!!

Staying in tonight to get my thoughts in order as some major changes in my life are unfolding into new paths, as part of my plan to build and progress on some of my long-term commitments to education and business development, while trying to stay as distanced as possible from any real "hardcore commitment" — but from everything that is going on, I must say that it has been a different, and excitingly amazing summer.

This summer, my focus has been on developing my athletics, and participation in sports in general. This focus was hampered by a shoulder injury, which was self-induced, by overdoing it with over the head curls and presses, with considerably lower weights until one of my shoulder tendons got touched with intense pains, which has been slowly subsiding as I continue to try and re-grow the muscles.

Besides that, I also have a new schedule, and working on some new research areas, thus 2-3 years will be suddenly put back into this new chapter, which should be a good move, after getting 3 years experience in the field. My new approach to athletics has actually been really enjoyable, and must say that my game has increased a lot for a few reasons. First, most of my time has been spent practicing, so I haven’t had to position my time on a wins/losses condition, and banked over 50 days at the gym, field, or courts this summer, as well as put in some office time on campus, which was a nice little run, having an office to myself to put my decorations up for a few weeks.

On the upside, the whole move was a great success, and what seemed like a holiday from the work-life has been exactly the opposite. I have been grinding on the freelance work and managed to get a few small projects to cover some of my food expenses, and have moved my lifestyle from agrarian subsistence to the city.

I like the city for many reasons. First, it helps me open my mind up about new people. When I was in the bush I never had the chance of ever seeing anyone except for maybe my brother or uncle or dad every few weeks, but hardly any international immigrants or city babes. Today was a case in point about connecting with a group that would have been entirely impossible had I remained in my bush cabin.

First, I never would have had a gym pass, or been able to go to the badmontin courts and see some asian girls play badmontin, and it was just a total trip, as I played, and they played, and then I took a minute to stretch, and sort of just let the moment soak in and stared at the ceiling of the gym, and listened to the girls speaking in japanese and barely getting the English language going, and took the moment to try and learn Japanese as they counted the points and I stretched my body, thinking of how strange of an experience I was having.

Lately, I have also inundated myself with social media, so the idea of getting any work done from my phones is literally impossible, but I have a good access point for all my work that needs to be done. That is helpful, since communications problems in the bush were often much more difficult to deal with.

My contracts, projects, and developments, seem to be gaining some momentum, and I am also getting some valuable courses such as my First Aid Course at the end of the month, as well as getting some of my other admin stuff like Tax and Banking info. updated so I can maintain an effective budget. My budget has been my main stress inducer, as usual, and is more intense of late, because of my employment shift, however, I feel that my good networking skills and commitments are paying off in this new model of life.

Things have been so insane around the house that I am staying at, since the whole place has been encircled within a construction zone, with heavy equipment literally on-site daily, with large vac trucks sucking right outside my window, and bobcats and loaders running pretty much non-stop with all the diesel fumes, beeping, vibrations, and full-on constructions going full-blast — making sleeping in pretty much impossible.


The construction of the bike trails finally got paved and it looks like everything should be completed so things should be more peaceful, and more relaxing without a full arsenal of workers probing around.


After going without TV for 4 years, I can now say that I am really glad to be able to watch TV, and find that it will be a large distraction from studying or working, and am really enjoying the channel selections.


Haven’t been watching much porn, and going on my 5th year single bachelor, so I’ve got the whole bachelor thing down pat. Made some chicken fingers today, and mixed them with rice and tobasco sauce and V8 into a bowl and gorged down hard.


Movies have been some of the best things going to bring back some of my old crushes that I had back in hifgh school like Paris and Meg Ryan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Most recently, I have been exposed to a new breed of chemicals in the pharma-products I have been using, as well as an array of other airborne toxins, and a whole new population of cultures and ethnicities, as well as patchouli tasting weed, which has been good.


Church has been one of my main tops this summer besides sports, and recently took communion after going to church for 4 weeks. I found that the congregation is very accepting, close to home, and since it wasn’t my first time, I wasn’t scared or nervous, and have made a few friends.


Soccer starts next week, in one capacity or another either playing with an old collegue on the indoor mat, or as part of my medical process to be able to tryout for the Pronghorns. Having been one of my life goals earlier in life, this new "Second shot" is already closer to realization than my first time around, when I wasn’t even aware that we had a team! :P:

That said, I am also more mature than my first run having come straight from high school, and now have a good head for learning science, so I have plenty of motivation to try and bring many of these long-time goals back onto my plate.

Having to part with all my guns, and my boats, and the wild life, and my garden has been the most difficult besides the separation from family, and feel that the feelings of being displaced before I even left have actually been quite eased by getting aligned back onto some of the paths that I had already laid some groundwork on during my earlier tenures.


Being able to put my life in perspective has been one of the biggest outcomes of going into a rehabilitation effort to become a better person, a long-time quest to become a better person by learning more about myself, nature, and the world, and feel that my time in the bush shed many lessons about what it was like to live without electricity, water, or laundry, and feel that 4 years in the bush was enough to provide me with to realize that I had taken enough time to learn about the wild, and it was time to go back to school to learn the book side of things, as well as build on my research on the Beauty campaign by Venus and Schick.

I can probably say that I am going to be a life-long learner now, since once I get my science degree, and having two years to build on the research I have started will be enough time to further many of the projects I have seeded over the years, and may lead into a further research profile at a Master’s of Science Level or PhD In Sociology, which is a new program coming on deck next year at the UofL.

I really need to score high in physics, and glad to see some of the mechanical sides of the world such as transistors and electromagnetic field calculations in my new book, since these things fascinated my while staring at the stars on moon-filled snowy nights in the middle of bush.

Having been alone for so long was a real eye opener for me because it helped me get to know myself, and push myself to make up for some of the things that I wanted to dedicate an aspect of my life to, and since I have never really had any parenting going on, it was a great trip back in time to really let my imagination wander and be as free as possible.


*Increase Relationship With God

*Reduce Worshipping False Idols (Porn)

*Try to reduce chemical addictions (pharmaceutically-laced hygeine products)

*Eat healthier

*Get A Science Degree

*Play Sports

*Participate in Cultural Events

*Increase community participation

*Increase Research Profile

*Increase Business Profile


Not being able to hunt this year, less wildlife, less healthy food.


Warm House in winter not having to stoke fire to live, new challenges, opportunities.

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