Jitters From #UKgirls #bbloggers

Many of you probably think I am older than Gandalf, the elf, from The Hobbit, but if you are reading this, then you are most likely a blogger, and like Bilbo Baggins, who fancied himself an author, I can say that my experience as a blogger has made me more proud of the UK, and coinciding with the end of the Month, and start of school, and all the month-end jitters, I am using my #bbloggers support group to stay up on my game, and keep on pumping out the blogs like its a piece of cake.

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First, last night was totally insane! It was the VMAs, so Canada, which was one of the hosts, and Los Angeles, one of the main producers of TV and Movies, made my evening a whole lot better, when most of my favorite rockstars and supermodels that I have been been a huge fan of and blogging about for the last few years won all those awards, and I couldn’t help but live in the moment, and go on a tweeting binge.

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When I am on my tweets, and recently some of my mentors like Cara, who is so totally UK, and my new international mentors, who like to party in London a lot, and all the fashion coming from the UK and the Beauty blogs, it is really no question that I have been inundated by a group of UK Bloggers who promote beauty and congeniality. Being a blogger, most people naturally think I’m gay because I like to write, but I like women, but even more than that, I just like blogging and enjoy the sense of community it brings.

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And I am a Canadian. It seems like more people are bringing their blogs from their desks onto the web, to team up with a world of people who enjoy connecting with each other, even if it is just to talk about things like sex, drugs, sports, beauty, rock and roll, music, phones, hygiene products, school pride, and everything else that inspires, disgusts, and distorts the changing reality that we are faced with everyday.

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I feel that the shrinking that comes with local territory can be overcome by reaching out to new countries to help change things up. For instance, one thing I realized is that my blogging team is usually going to bed right around the time I take my afternoon coffee break, so they are usually posting late-night reads that I enjoy reading during my coffee break, and when I am posting my late-nighters, they are either waking up really early to read them, or not sleeping at all, if they are true fans!! 🙂

So far my posts have been pretty low on the stats, but two recent spikes have been made, and I have received a few kick-backs, but even more than the few likes that I am getting, and the slight increase in outsider-visits, I feel that I actually met a group of people who share a passion for #blogging

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So far, I have followed two bloggers that I think are really smart, and possibly even better writers than me, and otherwise, there are also just a ton of bloggers that I recently followed while going on a following spree, and find that these UK Girls seem to have a good idea of what’s going on when it comes to fashion, and how the times are changing. Other than that, I can also notice a strictly British style, and enjoy the colloquialisms and short talk of the UK Girls since it is something I haven’t had much time studying.

So far Lil Sammy seems to be the smartest and most dedicated blogger, and uses elements of rhyme, style, and actually has many more than just two voices, from our discussion yesterday about Youtube, I noticed that one girl started a new youtube channel, so please alert her, and @beckybedbug has been totally pumping out the materials!

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Since I am hardcore WordPress Blogger, I just created my Bloglovin profile, and will start adding your blogs to mine so we can team up and start publishing!!

As much as we think that nudity is a form of pornography, this is just a corrupt rule to make you feel guilty. People should not be ashamed of their bodies, of being naked, or exposing themselves, and should not have to wear clothes if they don’t want to. Society, especially the music and fashion industries have shown today’s youth, whether approved by adults or not, that sex, nakedness, and self-destruction are commonplace, and one only take a chew through any fashion feed to get a dose of nudity, violence, or sexuality. The fact is, that these themes are ever-present, and it only makes sense to embrace them, so I have decided to start documenting some of my new pursuits in this area, and may create a youtube channel that explores some of my daily pursuits without wearing clothes. While I am still nervous about the idea, it might help me come to terms with myself and my aging body in a hyper-sensualized world!

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In the meantime, I am going to keep researching and blogging, and have recently made the decision to go back to school, and plan on having an amazing year away from home to get back to the books, and get even more intense on my imaginations, school readings, and possibilities of the future, and teaming up with bloggers from around the world!!

Come and visit me at school!

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Do I know any of these girls? Not really, but this is part of my new quest to find friends that I would otherwise not have the chance to meet or get to know if the internet didn’t exist, so I am really considering this a social experiment, and who knows, it is actually a lot of fun hearing the tidbits of wisdom from these smart women, and part of a good conditioning process to learn more about health and beauty. I hope that my research in this area will help me better understand the impact of chemicals designed to increase sexual feelings and emotions by identifying, or finding beauty products that these bloggers have been worshipping lately. I personally found that I worship some items in a sexual way, and realize that some of these reasons are due to a chemical attraction, as well as possibly physical, and have a theory that some of the chemicals in the beauty products are also addictive, and NEED TO FIND OUT WHICH ONES ARE MAKING PEOPLE ADDICTED!!!

So my question to all my followers is?

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Make sure to FV or RT me, follow, DM, and subscribe to my blog so you can get in the know on all the most addicting sex, health, and beauty products that my readers tell me about!

I may do some nude shows reviewing these products, as well as possibly feature some of my fellow bloggers, and their posts, on these transformationally addictive products, like my most recent experience with the Love Sprinkle Hand Sani from Purell:

Screen shot 2015-08-31 at 4.52.16 PM


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