Getting re-education going

After a brief hiatus in life, I am now full-swing into my science program and already have two labs under my belt. Learned how to use a vernier caliper and learning tons of biology. Also, really fond of my teachers, and feel that they are totally world-class and just pushing the limits on everything. SportsContinue reading “Getting re-education going”

Samsung Pay Beta Invite

The Droid took a big win yesterday, just in time to match Apple’s new I Phone 6 rollout, truly signalling that the month of September is a moving month that will shift the world in a new direction for 2016. The announcement of the Samsung Pay comes with Samsung partnering with Overwaitea, Staples, and otherContinue reading “Samsung Pay Beta Invite”

First Day Of Classes Great Success! (Returning Student Recap)

T’day’s first day of classes was a great success! I attended a total of 4 Lectures! Had the opportunity to see some familiar faces in my class so that was totally amazing, and also had some great fun seeing my teachers in action, as well as trying out most of the new classrooms for theContinue reading “First Day Of Classes Great Success! (Returning Student Recap)”