Using Shoutouts To Get Traffic #bbloggers

Hey Babes!

Lately I have joined a new style of chain-letter messaging, where you play a contest that gives your Instagram or Twitter more exposure through a S/O – aka a Shoutout!

Have you ever played that?

Shoutouts can be a good way to get extra followers, as well as make some new friends looking to grow in popularity, but can lead to profiles that are heavily inundated with theme-centric concepts.

What concepts are you running?

At present, my account is mostly just straight fanstasy and science fiction, but allows for a way to interact with others, even if it is just doing the Shoutout contests. So far I have got a few likes, but no major shoutouts, and really it’s actually a decent way to get immersed in a trance.

As a result, my TV Watching has cut back, and I just watch my feed and comment on stuff, and like stuff, and contribute when something good comes up.

I still keep the TV on with the Stringray Eclectic Electronic from Shaw Cable and it is totally exactly good and am going to miss spending all this time on my feeds when I get a reality check in a couple days when school starts, but for now, I am totally getting immersed in the personal media and learning some fun games in the process that may help me be a better student.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 6.05.20 PM

Love YA!


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