What a month! Had a very good month adjusting to my new routine. Maintained high activity levels and completed some milestones.

1. Achieved my first aid Cpr, AED, Oxygen.

2. Maintained good grades so far.

3. Picked up a part time job.

4. Donated some art to the Sociology Club office.

5. Reconnected to some old mates.

6. Total science immersion.

7. Meeting tons of new people.

8. Enjoying good vibes.

9. Developing a campus news collaboration with the clubs and have some up and coming goals!

10. Meeting one of my lifetime icon faves next week and have some other goals set.

Does anyone have any goals for 2016?

If so, what are they?

What are some of the things that make you feel like I said, I would appreciate it. I am a beautiful person to talk with you and your family.

So far still single and hoping to make some gains and tighten up my learning and freelance projects and hopefully get paid in greenbacks, can you believe that? The markets are so ludicrous, but there may be some opportunities coming up!!

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