1 Month Into School Update

Hey EVeryone!

It’s amazing that I have only been in a school for one month, and it seems more like 5 since I was doing so much extra-curricular work in sports and volunteering prior to getting registered. So you must be wondering what it is I am up to? If so, then keep reading and I will give you a little low-down on my freelance writing to get me through school.

First, I have a job!! I actually landed a job with the Kinisiology and Phsyical Eduication department as a DodgeBall Referree. It is actually really fun, and is a good start to get me back into a position where I can start earning some wages.

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 8.15.26 PM

BEsides my employment, I have been playing Hockey (Indoor) once a week, and Volleyball once a week, putting me to 3 nights of sports per week, and two night Labs (one in Physics, and one in Bio) each week.

The labs are really cool so far, and really add a dimension to the readings and classwork that goes on. So far I enjoyed the recent Physics tests where we dropped a ball through a tube and then used a 2000 flashes per minute strobe light with a hi tech camera to take 12 pictures of the steel bearing ball (5.6 g) falling against a metre stick backdrop so we were able to take the digital picture and calculate the change in the pixel grid to determine the time change, as well as position change, to determine the velocity, acceleration, etc. This is a wealth of information to digest, and unfortunately, I may have to re-take Physics again next semester to either boost my grade, or increase my knowledge since it is a really thick course.

BIOLOGY has been amazing, and really working with my Environmental Science course, especially with the introduction to earth sciences, like how Phosphates and Nitrogren have cycles, and the diversity of life on earth from protists all the way up to polar bears.

Arky is great, and have been really enjoying my National Georgraphic Magazine and all the clubs on campus.

So far one of my highlights has been meeting Jessi, and getting involved with the Clubs. I have made a direct move into the clubs and enjoy all the fun that comes with my memberships.

As part of my involvement with the clubs, I have started developing a Campus News website you can see at http://www.3cpoh.com — and other than that, just really going to keep things going to try and boost some cash to cover tuition, and possibly increase my news coverage by building a team, joining a new team, or possibly doing some collaborations!!

Other fun things that may be coming to the blog in the next couple weeks include a possible podcast of my new DJ Show that I may be doing at the University Radio. If I take on the show, then I will probably do a metal show, or some other style or genre…possibly even electronica.

Glad to have a local hockey team to cheer for, and have caught quite a few ‘Horns game, and have a HERD pass so I can go to all the games!! This makes for some excellent playing and lifestyle fun!

Business actually looks good over the next couple years, and I have some appointments coming up with some local sponsors, as well as some Co-Op possibilities in the works that may put me directly into a job, so that could be cool, and everything is really on the table.

So that’s all from me. I don’t have the cash to drive back to my shack, so am using the time to sleep, write, and study, but wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving!

It is almost voting time again for the Federal Election, so everyone make sure to go and vote.

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 8.33.24 PM

20150830 213502
20150830 213502

Back to school is actually pretty fun, and minus the stressful moments, I actually am having quite a bit of fun and behaving myself quite well, and hoping to get some of these options to keep growing and networking so things keep developing and progressing at a pace that Jessi would be proud of!

While I have made an intense effort to engage in a super-busy lifestyle, I am also running a small deficit, but feel that I can make a good run in the Q4 to increase my earnings and spending as I continue to make the most of the services available on campus, and other options that are much more accessible for students.

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