Fall Semester Almost Done! #studentlife #bbloggers

Hey Fans,

As you know I went back to school in 2015, and began my degree in the Sciences.

My classes included Biology 1020, Physics 1000, Environmental Science 2000, and Archaeology 1000.

I finished three of my classes, and still have to complete my Biology Final exam. My Physics and Bio Classes also had labs and some of the cool things in those labs were incredible experiences, and really helped me test the physics of gravity using sensors and other neat things.

Other highlights include my sports involvement, where I was able to participate in plenty of team sports, and my hockey team made it to the semi-finals where we would have won, but the other team cheated, and we just decided to head out and let those losers do their thing, and we ended up doing things that were more rewarding and had higher priority.

Other than that, I had some issues with my roommate in my last house since they were unemployed, and not students, so I ended up moving to a place on the southside with some new roommates who are way more fun and have a better sense of humour, but now I have to drive to school every day so I am still looking at options.

Am I ready for Christmas? BEsides towing half my christmas supplies around in my vehicle hoping it doesn’t get broken into by thugs, I have alrredy stock-piled up on Chocolates, and have 5 boxes of chocolates already purchased, and have been sampling some already! The truffles with caramel and nuts are amazing!

Other projects include my regular blogging on a #uleth student news site (hence why I have been so quiet on this blog). It is geared for the student audience and covers topics on campus and is a fun side project.

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 8.03.06 PM

In other Blogger news, I have finally got my Coin Currency News Blog off the ground, and listed it on a Finnish Exchange at Alcurex.org — where I hope to raise some funds to buy a new premium theme, and begin a business plan on developing the blog.

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 8.04.47 PM

And last, but not least, I am also working on developing my “dirty-whore fashion” blog which is a trashy twist on contemporary fashion, of which I am still trying to get more contributors. So far it is a fun project, and if things go well, I may get a Chinese investor to make some stickers so we can put some of the #KISSERSPACE stickers around to get people using the hashtag and then do some creative work in that area.

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 8.07.00 PM

Besides all my blogging, I am actually in pretty decent shape, albeit a bit malnourished from all the studying and poor diet and sustenance being a student, and overall enjoy the change of pace school has introduced.

Next semester, I already have some of my classes selected, including an Introduction to Cosmology, which will help me explain some of the astronomical challenges I had while exploring in the wilderness, and as usual I am still working on a variety of other things.

My other project work has been reduced considerably since I have devoted so much time to my studies and was unable to do much freelancing work, but received some student loans to help cover the costs of school so I was able to focus on my studies rather than slave away as a freelance writer. That said, I am almost done this first semester back, and looking forward to getting wet and dirty next semester now that I am back in the swing of things, and plan on getting some serious blogging done over the holidays when I head back to the cabin, as well as taking some more pictures and visiting family!

Also excited to get in on the Upcoming Star Wars!

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